Character stuck between enemies, cannot move

Hi there,

I love GD, but I stopped playing it due to frustation for only one very annoying reason:
My chars regularly get stuck between all the spawning monsters when activating a shrine and if they are not lucky enough to move away in the correct direction immediately.

This is a huge problem for me on higher difficulties. If I can’t run, they will kill me most likely.

I’m just wondering if there is some talent or item which can make ANY class move “through” enemies - just like these boots which I know from D3 (Illusory Boots - “You may move unhindered through enemies.”).
This would allow me to play this awesome game again - I got stuck and killed so often and it was so frustrating that I decided not to play it anymore :-/

Any suggestions?

(I did not find helpful info via Google or the search function here)


movement skill runes *requires Forgotten Gods expansion

Isn’t there some technique to not get stuck perhaps? Because I never get stuck. Maybe one time in my GD career.
For example clicking and going backwards asap. Or clicking from the longest distance possible :thinking:

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So I guess every class can get at least one of these skills and I just did not use the correct talents? :smiley: I will check on this later.

Now I feel like I searched for the “wrong” topics - i looked for “being stuck/blocked”, etc. but maybe “movement skills” or “mobility” would have brought better results.

I did not know about these runes thing at all. Will read about that too.

Thanks a lot!

I’m mostly palying it on XBOX, so “clicking” doesn’t really exist - but I think I’m trying to activate it from as far away as I can and move away immediately, but way too often they spawn quite “unlucky” around me anyway.

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Ah, Xbox / controller is a different story for sure.

Also might be worth using grimtools to post your build here so we can have a look at it and see if anything can be improved upon.

when you’re playing on Xbox using the mentioned movement skills, you might want to have this setting turned Off

otherwise you’re just gonna stop at the first enemy you meet

as for the runes/movement skills

the ones i’m recommending will always have “x meter range” in their skill description

leap and disengage runes will usually be somewhat straight forward named or descriped
the rush rune can maybe be a little trickier, will have “x meter range” and shield dmg scaling

the x meter range being important, otherwise it’s just a blitz or shadow strike, rune, which you can only use if you have a target, which makes it tougher to use to escape