Character using only cooldown attacks?

I wonder:
Is it possible to create a character using only item/component-based and cooldown-based (melee) attacks? Say, Brutal shieldslam, final stop, abolish evil, decapitace, etc.?
+ whatever the class offers, like Blade arc.
I thought that with autocaster, it might make for a somewhat subpar, but playable piano build.
Edited for formating.

Yes, how piano you want your build to be can vary. Skill points are also worth considering so you don’t go overboard - some skills can work with just 1-2 nodes taken (like Wind Devil with Raging Tempest/Maelstrom) or some single node skills like Storm Totem can be reasonably powerful for fewer skill points than 3 or 4 node skills with dedicated item, skill and stat support.

Whether you count skills that have substantial amounts of CDR is another question e.g. Doom Bolt has a 4.5s cooldown normally but there are enough items to push it down to 1-2s so it’s more comfortable to weave alongside other damage skills/debuffs or even below 1s so it becomes more of a pseudo-spammable.

Ah, yeh, I had a char that went for cd reduction on doom bolt. But before I even got him into ultimate, that patch hit that cut recharge reduction on the skill from 1.2 to 0.6 seconds, and I was kind of sad.
But now I noticed base cooldown has also dropped. I might just continue that one.
Though that’s really just 1 or 2 skills, and not quite a replacer for a main attack with 5 different variants of shield bash.^^