Characters feels lacking in firepower

Feels like my character is underpowered. Currently working through Elite mode after starting in Veteran. I’m running with a monoclass Fire damage based Inquisitor build (yes I know I could take a second class but I wanted to stick with just the one for now). My character can generally tackle trash mobs without issues, however many of the small quest bosses (the giant crab for the witches for example) take me quite a while to take down (a few minutes) - and major bosses are a whole other level of effort - it took me 30 minutes or more to take out the Loghorrean for example. I don’t mind dying multiple times (since this is SC) but running around in circles for that long is pretty boring (not to mention hard on the piano fingers).

Wondering if there is something I’m missing that can help me cut down the kiting time - my build so far is this -

If anyone has the time to take a look and provide some constructive advice on how to beef up the characters punch (i prefer ranged wepons btw) that would be awesome !

Aura of Conviction is doing nothing for you as a fire based toon. Switch to Aura of Censure. Then choose Demolitionist to add to your fire damage by using Fire Strike line on your LMB.

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Do you wanna play with fire or pierce?

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I based my character on a fire damage Inquisitor I saw elsewhere and at this point probably want to keep going with fire based.

Demolitionist is a second class correct ? I was playing a monoclast, but since i’ve already played the game end to end I guess it’s time to experiment and add in another class, especially if that gives me more hitting power. Any recommendation on how many points to put in to Fire strike ?

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you have very little life steal too and devotions are very spread around

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Max it if you can. Certainly Brimstone and Explosive Strike. Skip Static Strike since you’re not really doing lightning damage.


and don’t forget the transmuter for 2H weapons!

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any suggestions for my character ? I did read through the devotion guide (I can’t remember who put it together) but i’m still somewhat lost in it. I’ve used devotions to beef up OA, DA, Resistances as I don’t have them maxed with gear but if focusing more than spraying would be better, even at the cost of some res I’m all ears.

Can you elaborate. I understand there is a transmute function for legendaries (the purple ones) if you have other pieces of a set. Is this what you are referring to or is it something else ?

skill transmuter, the nodes that are diagonal to the skill

I changed skills and devos
also changed component in ring, medal, shoulder and glove
next get to brimstone, get more flame touched and temper, vindictive flame to 11 or so, and end with some flash bang

you need less cunning, you will get reset potion later in game (perhaps u already have one?)

do you have Forgotten Gods? Here is a template with many free and faction items that you could expand upon (and you have other belts you can craft and farm that give skill bonus, and also Mark of shadow queen as medal)

Thanks. i’ll check all this out and thank you so much for taking the time to do the tweaks for me.
I do have reset potions for skills and devotions.
Yes I have all the expansions plus crucible (but not the loyalist packs). There was a good deal at GoG at the time so why not :grinning: :+1: I’ve played through the games plus both expansions at veteran level, which is pretty forgiving, but now at Elite I need to do better with character development so I greatly appreciate the advice, feedback and effort. It’s such a refreshing change from another game I used to play.

the gear in the link require that you are revered or honored with many factions and you need to do some crafting etc but all in all it should not be very easy to make compared to a build with just legendaries etc all in all a good stepping stone build to expand upon

A WiP but have revered status with Homestead, Outcast, Rovers, Black Legion, Order of Death’s vigil so far. Close to getting Devil’s crossing and maybe one other. Malmouth resistance close on the heels of DC too. Honoured status with the three cults in FG

if you are revered you can buy armor augments for resistances :slight_smile:

Any factions in particular I should look at for this or just look at each and go from there ?

buy 5 or so from each that you have available to lap your resistances. You can always apply a new one, no need of getting it removed by inventor.
You can also buy some weapon and ring/amulet augments (and also medal augment in FG for moving around better)

Thanks to you and medea_fleecestealer for all the help yesterday. It improved character beyond belief. Took a while to get used to the new skills but can handle most mini bosses pretty smoothly now.
Still getting wrecked by the major domos - such as the thing that looks like loghorrean in the ugdenbog swamp. Plenty of resistance to cold but something else is whacking me there. time to do more reading but thanks once again, you injected new life into the game for me.

Kra’vall is hard even for fully decked geared chars