Checking difficulty

Does anyone know if there is a way of checking the difficulty settings of a map once you have started? Thanks.

Nope, there isn’t. Need that info when you save along with the map size would be nice.


Thanks for the quick reply. Just started a new map and thought I had set Vanquisher but not been immediately welcomed by any of our four footed friends. In fact there seems to be a lack of wolf dens and boars so was wondering if I did alter the difficulty. From memory raids start around year four with Vanquisher and a few years later on the easier setting. So that may be an indicator.

Well, could be that there just aren’t any in the starting area. I started a non-Pacifist Pioneer large map the other day and didn’t see any predators in the starting area. When I explored a bit I found a boar spawn and I did see a bear at one point, but haven’t had any wolf dens so far.

Maybe lack of predator is because of lack of food, especially when you start a map on the arid highlands. After all, wolves, especially wolf dens, are a great food source. Wolves “deliver” carcasses to my town by themselves!

You can be on Vanquisher and still have Pacifist mode on, could this be what happened?