Checking Records result has 3 errors.need help!

game version
after extract game files ,when i check records,it has 3 errors.
who could help me ?

Checking Records…
File “database/records/sandbox/jakub/test_skill_attackpathcharge.dbr”: cannot open template “E:\Games\Grim Dawn\database/templates/skill_attackpathcharge.tpl”.
File “database/records/sandbox/jakub/test_skill_attackradiusleap.dbr”: cannot open template “E:\Games\Grim Dawn\database/templates/skill_attackradiusleap.tpl”.
File “database/records/sandbox/jakub/test_skill_attackradiusteleport.dbr”: cannot open template “E:\Games\Grim Dawn\database/templates/skill_attackradiusteleport.tpl”.
Database Record Check time 3:32

Forgotten Gods can help you, once it’s out.

3 possible solutions:

  1. Just ignore it
  2. Delete the three files that are affected (might require you to delete additional files, however that shouldn’t be a problem since those are only test files and not required for anything). You can probably delete everything in the sandbox folder.
  3. create mocks for those templates. Of course they need to have the required values, but that’s not difficult (just look what the .dbr expects)