Children of Morta

I bought this game on sale on steam. Its a lot of fun but very challenging for me. There is about 7 different characters that can be unlocked. They each have their own little skill tree with about 10-11 skills that can be ranked up (max rank is 3, 6 points required to fully level a skill). Each character has four shared “family traits” that is unlocked when they reach the breakpoints (lvl 4, 8, 14, 20) so you want to level up everyone… characters also get fatigued and must rest or suffer a penalty so that encourages you to play others as well. Its not bad though because every character has a very unique feel. One character can attack while blocking, another can attack while moving (ranged), another attacks faster with each hit. You can then spend gold that you earn on upgrades for the whole family, more health, more damage, more crit, more dodge, more movement speed… pretty basic stuff. Randomized dungeons. You can find temporary buffs, permanent buffs (for the duration of the dungeon), and relics (something you activate but isn’t consumed, goes on cooldown), runes (which change the way a skill works), but all these are limited to the current dungeon. Its great fun. I think it would be cool if the runes and relics were something you could keep and upgrade to carry over to other dungeons and I think it would work well for this game but the devs decided something different – still a great game I highly recommend.

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I played It time ago. I liked :slight_smile: