Choas build need assistance

so iv been playing this game for a wile, but all my builds in past were around pets and i got a bit bored from them. Descided to play around with cahos dmg.
From the link you can see that i severly lack some resistance that will be needed on ultimate difficulty. Also im not sure with the set, should i go for 1 of them or keep it like that. I like the idea of sinc with inquisitor. The fang of cthon also peeks interest.

Also the constalation defenetly need some reworking.
So far im pumping occultist tree in campaign and not touching second class since im not sure about it. I noticed that if going for those constalations and pumps in doom bolt i end up spamming sigil and doom and i lack manaregen, which brought the idea to go for arcanist for passives, but as i understood from going throught forums chaos walrocks are a dead class atm (dem AAR build:( ).
So any ideas and sujestions would be apreciated and thank you for reeding all of these.:rolleyes:
here is the link and sorry for several posts, have to make 3 before posting the links or images

At work so I can’t go into much detail, but at a glance it appears a similar concept to what I was doing here
Edit ops never mind… Just looked at your skills. Ill give some better feedback back when i make it home from work

interesting and it seems this one has more default attack in mind seeing that you have invested into passive skills in inquisitor?
Edite, Ok thank you so much, cant wait to see what you have to say

I think the biggest question for me, is why you have not invested into biting cold for enemy DA shred?

im sorry but what is biting cold?
Thanks for the link above for the deciever ill give a look

so i looked at the deciever build and i honestly cant understand how its supose to work on later difficulties since you have to stand still for flames. That is th emain reason i invested so much into sigil and curse with doom. if i cannot outheal the dmg wth sigil i just kite around doom bolting the enemy like i did with the mad queen.

As you can see, he had 300k dps there, so you just stay casting that spell and everything dies before it reaches you.

well i guess i can use that build as a base, try a bit of my touch and if it wont work refund skills and try cthon way

Inquisitior seal and the seal provided my the full black flame set make you pretty tanky as well!

Plus impaired aim and fumble from your Flames and some absorb from possession!!

ye so it seems but its so unusuall to see occultist without curse or sigil. as i said i have max sigil for health when mob surrounds me and i know that curse does nothing for word of pain but still

If you are really worried about dieing (his build has decent life leech and with that amulet you do a good chunk of weapon damage to leech from) you can pick up seal for extra healing like this

I forgot about ch’thons build but it definitely is the route you will want to go if tainted flames is your goal.

ye im more worried dyingbecause of mana problem then health leech honestly.
as of now im lvl 53 and just started investing into inq and im running low on mana rly fast, though im spamming doom bolt and sigil

Including using Mana pots?

They are pretty cheap to buy and numerous in drop, so unless you are running out even with these pots, I don’t think you need to worry about conserving these too much.

ye even with those, i have about 2,8-3k mana and it goes down the drain really fast with sigil doom and flames

Hmm, you could start to see if you can mitigate that with various components on items, depending on what you have. That is the least impactful way to cope. It might impact your damage, but juggling for a playstyle is part of the game.

Things that might help:

-Ectoplasm for %pool increase and regen
-Arcane spark on amulet for more mana regen
-Soul shard for energy absorb (this is pretty location-dependent)
-Mark of Illusion for +regen


  • I think there are some faction augments that give +energy per sec too

-and might be some components that reduce %skill cost (not sure)

You can experiment and see how many you need to add to have a nice flow of play.

I would recommend dropping doombolt imo. also using a 2h hand weapon with the transmutation on word of renewal for extra regen might help early on, especially if using ectoplasms on your rings/amultet