Christchurch Terrorism Attack Donation Stuff

Since the other thread’s locked, might as well make a new one for the donations stuff. Late due to being a generally teary mess for most of today.

Anyhow, the main campaigns are:

More stuff’s in here:

I’ll probably put some of birthday cash I’ll be getting into one of them next week.

Lastly - since this thread will likely attract douchewits probably best for it to be locked. Since all it takes is one to create a massive mess of racist shit to clean up.

I would suggest you PM a mod, and request that this gets locked.

But good idea for donations.

There are acts of terrorism almost every day.

Do you raise money for the families of those victims too?

Like this one ?

I wanna donate to the Orlando shooting, can you help me with that?

Or the Etiophean plane crash last week? 157 were killed. Can you also donate and cry for those victims?

You are just looking for easy social points here mate. You don’t care for real.

If you did care, you would be asking for donations to things that affects more people, like starvation and education in Africa.

PM’d jiaco, should have done that sooner /derp

@malawiglenn - That link is all I will say to you about your recent posting behaviour concerning this, and this is the last post I will make concerning you for the foreseeable future. Though I suspect you don’t possess the social intelligence to understand why I’m doing that in the fluffing slightest, which as someone with autism is giving me eyestrain from the :rolleyes:

Use the autism card anyway you want mate :wink:

I am just asking why you think this is more important than say victims of earthquakes etc.

If you’re so concerned about these other events, where’s your support topic about them? Yes, other bad things have happened and will happen, but that doesn’t mean that this New Zealand event doesn’t also deserve our attention and support. That is a logical fallacy. I think it would be rather difficult to successfully make a “Please support the victims of every bad thing that ever happened” topic.

I do what the Bible says. I give to charity in silence.

whataboutism is a concept invented by coward leftists to avoid further discussion. It is all about putting things into perspective, that can deal with the initial emotional reactions actually.

Not a bad idea. I could start a thread where ppl can list various charity organizations etc. I might start it later today actually.