Chronicon ARPG! Massive update!

Chronicon just reached release 0.90! The patch notes are a massive wall of text and a lot has changed.

Massive Update 0.90:

Patch Notes:

Chronicon is in my personal top3 ARPG’s ever made. Come support the dev and check it out! The end game just got a massive overhaul. Character progression is endless with a ton of character builds awaiting to be discovered!

If you are one of the few, try HARDCORE mode and see how far you can get in the end game ANOMALY system!

Been a while since I’ve played this. Might have to check it out again. Thanks for the update.

Likewise. 10chars

Thanks for the heads up, I will have to give it another shot. Been about a year since I played last.

You know which ability is letting his Rapid Fire shoot all those arrows in the trailer? Shit looks great, but I cannot figure out what’s causing it.

Wow, they really changed up the Mastery tree(s).

Having to completely retool my Wisp Warder and Burning Hell Warlock…

I deleted all my old characters and empties shared stash fo a fresh new beginning

Done the same, WOW, this is a massive update, I love the new mastery tree, the one where you can now pick the passives. That opens a lot of potential and playstyles. This new update is really worth checking out.

loving it so far When I’m online, feel free to stop by and ask me any questions!

Also, official discord here:

I’m usually in voice chat ask me anything about the game!


Not really my piece of cake this game, i feel like i’ve played enough pixel-graphic games for the needs of this life…but i might give it another go later this year.

Never had an issue with the mastery system for Chronicon, but my hatred for its skill system is pretty deep and it doesn’t seem like there’s much work being done on that front. Shame. :undecided:

While I respect your opinion, I do think this is one game where gameplay means far more then graphics, especasilly if you not played it for a while.

The thing is, while quite a few games might look real pretty, gameplay is a shambles.

Still, I have given it a break for a while, and great having a blast playing the new update.


I think the mastery system does add more depth to the game, and characters. but for skills, I do understand your point in that regard. maybe in the future the skills could get reworked? but I don’t really have an issue, too much with the skills at the mo, but some more depth here wouldn’t hurt.

What’s your issue with the skill system? Just that pretty much all of them, regardless of tree, play similarly?

Thanks bro! I waiting for it now it’s happen…:D:D:D

I made a warden, and after my son watched me play, he made a warlock. My barbarian sits unused (too much of a PITA to redo his skills). Definitely having fun with it again :slight_smile:

Very addicting game and well worth it’s 10 bucks. Just needs some more polish and some more endgame.

So I finished the game with my Warden…even after upping the difficulty to the step above Normal…I think I used maybe 20 healing potions, and he’s lvl 90+ I think :D.

Fun game. I’ll go back with him and run some Elite Anomalies. Have a TON of Pink and Red pieces in my storage.

I still can’t play it. Unless on a super tiny window mode, I have 3 fps; too bad.