Chrono Sword

Official Website:

21c Ducks

PlayStation 4, Steam, Switch, XBox One

Release Date:
TBD (Approx: 2021)

Action, Adventure, Isometric, Nordic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, RPG, Time Travel

In Chrono Sword, the player character takes the role of Freyr a female vagabond who has lost her memory. Follow her journey as she travels through the fallen world of Aesir to find out who she is, what she had done, and why the world lost the light.

Gameplay Teaser:


Didn’t want to mess up the main page (dedicated to game information) so I am using this separate post.

I have no idea how I discovered this. Looked decent-ish so thought I’d share it with you guys.

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Are you going to share with with your new build in GD as well? :wink: