Chthonic Seals

Was the drop rate adjusted on these?

I’ve had to restart my game multiple times to play through blood grove/darkvale gate and I have found 1 seal. It’s getting really frustrating as I cannot progress my Kymon’s questline without them…

This is getting absurd, I’ve spent a couple hours now slaughtering the cult. Am I having that bad of a streak?

The drop rates of these are pretty odd… I did a full run from Homestead to Blood Grove and only got a single seal, meanwhile on act IV, I got 6 inside the Tomb of Korvaak…

I don’t get why those must be rare really, since they are quest requirements… if the problem is that they are crafting materials, then just increase the number of seals needed for crafting and make them drop more often.

Finally got them. This is the first time I ever had an issue, but it’s also the first time that I’ve done a play through in a long time which is why I thought they might have been adjusted. Definitely bizarre. I had to farm blood grove/darkvale multiple times to get mine. often doing full clears and getting 0.

Tomb of Korvaak offer the most drop for the seals, follow by darkvale gate/village. Blood grove has the worse drop rate in my experience.

I usually get several per Darkvale clear.

Make sure you don’t overlevel your enemies. If that happens they will display their level in blue.