Cindertouch gloves is far too bias towards lightning to fire

Cindertouch has +%fire damage and the Cinderwind summoned also has fire damage.

However, it converts 100% fire EoR damage to lightning. Which makes it useless for fire-based EoR build at all.

Is it possibe to allow players to choose either sude, i.e. completely fire or lightning conversion?

No 10/char

you mean almost like this glove “for eor” is supposed to be a lightning eor item, but for “other” builds can use it totally fine as fire dmg glove?
similarly how not only other modifier items work but even other gloves work? - as if this is sorta a “theme”/norm in terms of itemization mechanics/conversion setups?

I know, I just try to express my opinion that there are far too many lightning EoR conversion than fire and their perform much better than fire based.

The lightning based EoR shieldbreaker built by mad_lee can reach 330k danage with a single hand weapon and 2.6k health regen, decent health while the fire base EoR shieldbreaker I try to build have limited choice of items and struggling with balancing the damage and defense.

is it now i remind you there exists a fat 2 items that converts fire to lightning for EoR?
“so if you’re not using Empyrion sceptre; you need these gloves”… :neutral_face:
i also find it interesting you struggle on a build, so the solution is to nerf an entire other bunch of builds? Aside from the aforementioned not considered conversion itemization etc/you wanna force all lightning EoR builds into only having 1 weapon useful now… - it just doesn’t seem all that thought out on appearance, and is more like “please buff my fire eor this specific way”, imo

Nope, I am not asking to nerf the glove. Just ask whether the gloves can allow the player to choose which path to go (completely lightning or completely fire), may be through prefix/suffix like Conduit amulets?

Edit: That sounds ridiculous. May be adding some brand new items will be better.

or boosting existing fire EoR items to a degree where they get acceptable
*it’s not known what items FoA will bring but maybe that brings an option
**it’s gonna be pretty rough to mess with existing items, since either you mess(up) with 2h or dw versions if you change glove conversion or shift helmet conversion

yup, agree. Working in IT field also let me learn (in the hard way) it is better adding new things than messing up with old codes.

** Just something off-topic, I have posted an updated fire EoR build in the other thread, do you mind to take a look and see if it is fine :slightly_smiling_face:? **

slow res is low, disrupt res is kinda low too - i’d probably use another topaz in ring instead of mark of illusion
cold res isn’t capped
other than that seems kinda fine
*you’re wasting couple augs on pierce+poison res combo when you don’t need that much pierce overcap

I’m not sure whether there are items that can grant slow and disruption res. Cold res actually cap with +1%. It is how grimtools calculation that doesn’t show the actual figures.

yup, I keep testing with different items and the previous arguments applied may not match the current situation anymore.