Circle of Slaughter?

No idea why, but if I cast Circle on an Undead, it will do the initial damage, they will get stunned, but nothing else will happen. No dot at all.

If I cast Swarm, which is doing less bleed than my Circle, they melt. I thought there were no immune mobs…

Any idea what’s happening. The RR doesn’t justify, since circle is doing no damage at all.

I think they have 100% bleed resist, so simple bleed damage from Circle of Slaughter without any resist reduction will do no damage. Devouring Swarm does -% resist and vitality damage as well. If you cast devouring swarm and do circle, they will take damage from the bleed.

Skeletons have (iirc) 118% bleeding resist. They’re not immune, though, the game just bases on resist reduction.

There are some monsters “immune” to vitality, lightning and other damage types.

Undead have a passive 100% bleed resistance, on top of whatever they already have. Skeletons on ultimate have 18% resist, which with the passive bonus does indeed get to 118%.