Circlet of the great serpent, Forgotten Gods change

First of all, let me say, that i am very excited for Forgotten Gods (and i’m not even a marketing guy, who usually are the most excited people in the world :p). I don’t care at all about how fast a build can do crucible, and most of the small buffs and nerfs (small from my perspective), that come with every patch, don’t ruffle me in the slightest.

What really tickles my pickle are the buildenabling features and modifiers, things like conversion and very impactfull modifiers to skills. (Let me insert here, that i looove the recent MI changes and that i feel like a kid in the candyshop when i browse through grimtools and take a look at all those incredible MIs and legendaries that will come with MG.)

I’ve had a brief look at all the changes to items in grimtools, and there is only one, wich really bothers me: the removal of the 4 sec flat cdr to Blight Fiend on Mythical Circlet of the great Serpent. I understand, that this change probably was made in regards to the new set for Blight Fiend in Forgotten Gods, because that modifier in conjuction with that set might have been too powerful.

Unfortunately though this modifier is absolutely crucial for the Zombiebomber build around Unstable Anomalie - crucial for its viability not in Crucible but simply in the campaign, it’s a rather weak build in the first place - and as far as i can tell there is no compensation for the removed modifier on CotgS on a new item. Of course the new Blight Fiend set might help, but i doubt that it can make up for what is essentially a 50% damage nerf (and an immeasurable QoL and consistency nerf) for the bomber.

I am aware, that this is a super-duper-ultra-niche build, and if it has to be sacrificed for the greater good (aka a balanced “normal” blightfiend build with the new set), so be it. But if there’s still space on some quirky MI for a line like “-3 sec cdr for Summon Blight Fiend to Unstable Anomalie” or something like that, i’d not be unhappy :D.

You should take another look, because that modifier is still there.

Oh that’s great news. Do i interpret grimtools incorrectly then? The mod is written in red in grimtools in the item change list. Isn’t that supposed to indicate it’s removal? And what is that red colour indicating then?

I can’t tell you why it’s listed there in red, but if you look at the current stats of the item its still there.

The way Grimtools detects changes gets wonky with Modifiers.

The modifier has changed (it’s also now giving Blight Fiends bonus Acid damage), so Grimtools “removed” the old -4s modifier and added -4s Modifier AND Acid damage.

Ahhhh, that makes sense. Thanks a lot for explaining! I’m a very happy 40 year old kid now :D.