Citiziens die in a row because of traffic jam by building a door on a road - built v0.7.4

this bug is really tricky. i build up a city for hours and then this bug came into the game. i built a wall crossing a street. the people passing this location started to stuck. after a little time they started to die. but there is no was to fix it myself cause i cant touch the walldoor to stop it in construction or else. its very bad cause i spent a lot of hours to this point and its the first time i started to have fun with it and then this problem. it destroys everything of the open game cause you can’t stop this issue. you have to build up a new town and that sucks. please fix this - i know this will be hard.

Krieg just farming for bodies, nothing to see here (in grim dawn land)

update: the traffic jam could be solved by the “destroy wall function” but it’s not solving the fact, that this bug happens

i got this bug now once again. same city, different location after 13hours of playing and the door was allready built but people don’t get through the door, they die stucking by the door. population went from 210 down to 189.

Use flatten terrain underneath them (usually just 1 tile works but if not then go wider) :+1: still buggy but it’s resolved it for me lots of times.

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Even if the tile(s) is already flat

thanks for this tipp

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