Clarification on Retaliation damage

Hello everybody,
I started playing the game again after the release of FG and I’m interested in making a shield build for HC (most probably Warlord). I would like to have some clarification on Retaliation.
Before it was considered bad, now looks like it got some love with last update.

  • How it works?
  • How the % retaliation added to attack works?
  • % damage converted to health will benefit from retaliation damage?
  • Is there any correlation with shield block chance/damage blocked? And my retaliator will benefit from these attributes?
  • Will be OA important for retaliation damage?
  • And finally, crit are happening with retaliation damage? (Trying to figure how to use assassin’s mark).

Thanks in advance to the brave man who will reply!

  1. Retaliation triggers whenever you get hit by a melee attack.
  2. Percentage of the retaliation damage your character have (all types) are added to your skill and triggers every time your hit lands (you can’t miss).
  3. No. If the skill has % weapon damage, then yes.
  4. Shield block has no impact on your damage, only enemies’.
  5. Yes, otherwise you will not hit with your RDAtA in skills.
  6. Retaliation damage can crit, follows the same rules as normal damage.

Say What?
Unless things have changed recently and I just haven’t noticed.
Retaliation damage cannot crit but RDAtA can and does use OA.

I have 600k crit with my retaliation DE and my ticks never exceeded 300k.

  1. Whenever an enemy attacks you with melee attack, he receives your from you.
  2. A given percentage of your total is added to skill’s damage. That damage portion is unaffected by modifiers, that increase/decrease damage, like “total damage modified by X%”, or “+X% damage”.
  3. No. But it will work for “% retalliation added to attack”. Rules are the same as for “normal” skill damage.
  4. No.
  5. “Normal” retalliation always hits, never misses or crits. But “% retalliation added to attack” follow usual attack rules - it can crit or miss depending on your OA and enemy’s DA, using your crit damage, etc.
  6. See 5.

Resistance reduction/proc?

I don’t know what is hard to understand here. Do I have to add that I tick for 80 - 105k with DE without RR? Apparently I’d need to write essays only because people don’t understand short sentences at all.

I mean, you just was hit in melee by an enemy with low phys res with RR applied, so it dealt that absurd damage. I also have “highest damage dealt = 700k+” for my retal build, even though tooltip shows ~110k nominal retal damage. And i’m use to see 200-300k retal damage when i’m hit, but i’ve never seen crits from it.

Thanks everybody!

Retaliation damage doesn’t crit. I just retested it by removing all defensive procs (and I’m really salty that I had to do that). But long story short, it doesn’t crit.