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GD Class popularity poll

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Sending some feelers out on the prevailing opinions for each mastery combination. A few questions on player background are included to allow for potential correlations between perspective and opinion to be identified. I am not asking for “most durable” “easiest to play” or anything so specific. This is just how you feel about each mastery combination in general.

At the conclusion of the poll I will update this post with the relevant results, graphs, conclusions and other stuff that people express interest in having detailed.


It has come to my attention that the poll records a vote of 1 when people don’t elect to adjust the bar. I will be presenting an adjusted version of the data with “1” votes scrubbed from responders who only voted for a handful of classes. As of current these are people who submitted 17 or more 1 votes. Given there are 28 mastery combinations it seems reasonable to scrub the 1s from submissions that clearly didn’t address >60% of the classes.

Thanks for making a poll that makes sense. Several choices and a proper scale is great. All the other “pick a unique favorite class” polls are just not representative enough.

No surprise that Commando is currently winning :stuck_out_tongue: What I am surprised at is Death Knight being so high. I guess the new set will be widely wanted :rolleyes:

I suspect D K is popular due to how easy it is to farm the krieg set on top of soldier being durable without much gear

I spotted one of the traitors

Ranked them by who bleeds the best!

Give me a Cold or Vitality Death Knight and I’ll be satisfied :p, none of that Aether madness.

You guys kidding me? How is spellbinder so low? Well this isn’t a strength poll, so maybe many people hate it.

If you look at the 25 post benchmark there is a >2 point disconnect between crucible players (favoring) and non crucible players (not favoring)

How’d you see that? I’m noob at these statistics thingies.

Edit: should hide the class behind spoiler tags. Just realized it might affect results esp. if people read comments before participating in the poll.

So does this directly tell us about gear support of different combos?

Nah, it just says which classes wear shields.

Soooo. Gear support it is.

559 views and only 41 responses(

Added mine a few minutes ago.

Some love for Tricksters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I saw this on reddit, so the 41 responses might not be all from here. :frowning:

updated charts for 45 responses, filtered out the portions of responses where people didn’t vote on certain classes.

It’s interesting how far down the list Shaman finally makes it’s first appearance (currently row 12 at about 6.4) and that also none of the Soldier combinations have a low ranking.

I’m trying to recall whether I had Demo+Necro as my lowest, I think so (I doubt I’ll ever make a Defiler) but I guess it has no synergy, and it’s interesting what a gap there is to even next lowest.

Updated for 63 votes. A few more charts this time around.

a nice pool too:

“what is your build around skill”?