Class swaped automaticly in game after spending skill points for mastery of the second class


I wanted to make a arcanist+shaman druid. I chose to level up to 10 with my archanist before i spend my ability and skill point so i could directly spend it on the shaman skill tree and shaman mastery. So when i became lvl 10 I choose shaman as my sec. class and spend my point in the skill bar. As i said i did not spend point on arcanist spells. Now my charr became a shaman automaticly . Now i red online that i can’t chance that. Whaat could i do?

Let me see if I got this right:

  1. You chose the Arcanist class but did not invest a single point in it.

  2. At level ten you also chose the Shaman class and invested points in it.

  3. Now… what? This is where I don’t understand what you meant.

Does your character still have access to the Arcanist and the Shaman skill tree but the character class shown on your character sheet is now just called “Shaman”?
If that should be the case maybe investing some points in the Arcanist skill tree could fix the problem.
If it is the case but investing points in the Arcanist skill tree cannot fix the problem this would probably be a bug.

Or does the Arcanist skill tree just vanish from your character and you do not have access to it anymore and you cannot choose a second class?
In that case this would likely be a bug too.

So if this really should be a bug, please file a bug report here on the forum.
And in case you can’t fix the problem from within the game itself - there’s always tools like the “GD Defiler” character editor. With that you can access the stats of your character directly and basically change whatever you like.

All he did was click the Arcanist mastery on leveling to 2 and didn’t put in any points. Since he didn’t exit the game the Arcanist skill screen will still show anytime he presses S. If he would have exited it to Main Menu at anytime after that and went back in the next time he pressed S it would ask him fresh to choose a mastery and Arcanist would not have displayed by default.

All he needs to do on gaining more points is to actually put a point into Arcanist.

Problem solved. No bugs have happened here. At worst Crate could maybe make it so that when you exit the skill screen without applying any points, the next time you re-open it, it will revert to default and show you the mastery select screen again.

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