Classic sets need more love

Hello, my dear friends
We have new expansion.
We have new items.
We have new devotions.
We have new builds.

But it seems we have forgotten about some Classic sets. :eek:
Now I’m going to talk about Trozan
I made this build a 6-7 months ago and published a coupe of days ago.
There are some vids (click, click).

Note - I’m not asking to up Trozan’s set for my build, no. I played Trozan and that’s why I can talk about its weaknesses and strengths.


  1. Huge cdr
  2. Posibility to deal damage while moving


  1. Fragility. Trozan requires a very skillfull playing and does not permit failure, you can watch the vids. I clearly understand that not all builds have to be easy-going. But it should be a bit more tougher. Especially now, when we have a hazardous Shattered Realm.
  2. Lack of RR. I like very much the idea of both cold and lightning damage. But it’s hard to get both Murmur and Widow. You have to spend skill points on additional button to proc your RR. Furthermore you lose some devotions for toughness. Alltogether this things make it even harder to play Trozan.

I clearly understand that every build has its own strengths and weaknesses. But in this case, even with skillful playing, Trozan deals less damage then most of melee builds and it’s much easier to die.

Now it’s time for suggestion itself. There is no some ridiculous idea to add 100500 damage to Wind Devil, just some of simple little tweaks:

  1. Add some bonuses to Maiven’s Sphere;
  2. Add a modifier “-10% RR to TSS” on the hat (like Wind Devil);
  3. Add a bit of physycal resistance (3% on each of the set piece);
  4. Increase damage bonuses to TSS on the hat and scepter;
  5. Add support for storm totem for additional damage source
  6. Sligthly increase DA bonuses on the set. In my build I have Solemn Watcher, Quill, Wolverine and two Ravager’s Eyes. Even with all of this there is only 2900 DA :confused:

you can only add -x% freeze RR to debuffs, which in your druid’s case are the Wind Devils’ skill, Devouring Swarm, and the non-functional OFF.

And here is the answer already

But it’s hard to get both Murmur and Widow. You have to spend skill points on additional button to proc your RR. Furthermore you lose some devotions for toughness. Alltogether this things make it even harder to play Trozan.

Doesn’t the set already give RR to Wind Devil? Plus TSS can’t have -% RR, as mentioned above.

The idea is to add RR to both of WWind Devil and TSS. It won’t make Trozan’s damage OP, but will make it a little closer to high tier damage builds

As you can see in my build I have almost 3500 OA and 65% crit damage bonus. With such huge offensive stats damage output should be better:eek:

I agree that Trozan’s set need more love.
I love TSS spell, he was once quite good, but now with this all new sets, octaviuses, cyclones, virtue etc it cant compete at all, both in dmg and in tankyness. Nowadays TSS deals low dmg. Somebody could write that they can kill ravager in 3 TSS or smth like that, but this is a lie. TSS damage is low. And survivability is low.

My proposals:

  1. -20% RR to devil winds.
  2. phys res or armor as set bonus, additional regeneration.
  3. remove +1 shard from starfury emerald and move it to set bonus. This amulet is real pain in ass, a noob-trap that imperceptibly spoils your stats.

Trozan’s vindi with winds don’t became oupie, because Cyclone vindi much stronger.

Thanks for you support:)

Those are the good proposals. +1 to this and I support DMT’s proposals as well.

I have played with Trozan Breaker quite a bit, it really feels underwhelming compared to new sets. If Crate doesn’t want to add Physical resist to it, then add more damage so proper glass cannons can be built around this set. Right now it’s clearing times are similiar to some of the shielded Warlords except Warlords with shields literally never die and Trozan builds die without almost flawless piloting.

I’m not surprised to see quite a few of my own suggestions for Allagast’s being repeated for Trozan’s. Some physical resistance is always necessary; for Trozan’s Skybreach specifically, I agree that some DA would be warranted, as well as better resistance coverage.

Anyhow, in the interest of avoiding excessing similarities between TSS sets, allow me to go over your recommendations where they overlap with mine. (We might even end up having both sets updated in the same patch.)

Raging Tempest’s -x% RR is being buffed next patch. I’d rather see flat RR on Allagast’s TSS, since aether and lightning reductions are harder to stack together than elemental RR. Moreover, it’s always possible to just grant extra RR to Wind Devils, as others have suggested; it would be a good fit thematically, and make Wind Devil Trozan’s more versatile across masteries.

On the tangent of damage, how would you feel about this small update to Shattered Star?

  • Shattered Star: increase the chance of lightning damage, scaling up to 67% at ultimate ranks from the current maximum of 45%. Optionally, nudge damage scaling a bit as well.

Moreover on TSS from Trozan’s own set, how would you feel about adding 20% fumble/impaired aim for 2-4 seconds to TSS? It would help with making Wendigo Totems safer to use. Which brings me to:

This too I would rather see on Allagast’s. For TSS, how would you feel about increased radius for Wendigo Totems? Given that they only work if enemies are in range, having them heal you up to 8 or 10 meters would be a perceptible improvement.

Unfortunately, Trozan is about kiting so Wendigo Totem doesn’t heal you against some Reaper/Gravas

Fumble idea is great! It can be like “The winds and snow itself protect you making enemies less likely to hit you”

TSS can only have reduced target resistances or flat resistance reduction, it can’t have -% specific RR. Flat elemental RR on TSS so that it can skip Crown? I don’t know.

But we may use John Smith’s suggestion to increase RR bonus to Wind Devil on the Hat

Trozan set probably better for TSS than wobbly Alagast,but to be competitive needs maybe some boost.Physical resistance will be goodsent for casters and increase RR to wind devil,heal to weapon is going to be make it interesting:)

Wind devil rr got a boost in the next update already.

Hence the increased radius modifier. You feel it would still not be sufficient? A healing range of 8-10 meters is quite sizeable; not enough to guarantee safety, but I reckon it should be enough for healing under most circumstances, allowing you to save potions for emergencies.

Alternatively, yes, just add meaningful health regeneration bonuses; I considered them for Allagast as well, but they are a better fit for Druid.

I have also suggested many times to make Trozan set a thing for three classes rather then two. Add support for Nightblade or Occultist (I guess Warlock would need it more).

May be add support for storm totem for additional damage source?

You could dual wield Asterkarn Daggers.

Just campaign damage btw. No Crucible or SR with this toon yet (old toon also).

Daggers provide -10% res reduction to WD each, plus CDR for WD & TSS.
Hat provides -10% already.
-65% WD total (Raging tempest at 12 points).
Devos: Widow with -35% lightning, Murmur with -23% cold, Rowans for flat RR, Shepard for %RR. I think it’s pretty good RR to me.

Assign bat devo to WD for sustain if you can fit it in.

Can agree with some phys res/armor bonuses on gear.
Agree on +1 TSS being moved to set gear. Myth ammy should still have the sky frag proc in my opinion.