"Claw of The Mad Queen" Question

So i’ve done a bit of looking around the forums and other sites in order to find out if the mad queen will drop her epic legendary on elite. I just beat elite with my poison DW Witch Hunter and i’m trying to gear him up a bit before I jump into ultimate. I have a venomlash in use atm so the mad queens claw would be a nice piece to complete my weapon set. (At least until I find a deathmarked decapitator at any rate). I killed her about 5x now and I’m aware RNG is RNG so it could take 40x more. But consensus seems to be that it will only drop from her on Ultimate difficulty.

Be that as it is, nobody seems to be 100% sure that it only drops on ultimate. If anyone has had a mad queens claw drop for them on elite then please, do tell us. Or if anyone knows for certain that it only drops on ultimate then feel free to let me down! lol.

Item level 75, if she can scale to 75, then she has a chance to drop it, if she doesn’t, don’t believe it has a chance to be in her loot table.

Got mine on Ultimate.

Ok. Makes sense. She actually scales to 75 for me so i guess i’ll just farm the living crap outta her until I squeeze one out. When I get one to drop from her i’ll repost here to confirm. Wish me luck!

Your post was too long. So didn’t get past the first line

Mad Queen’s Dildo is an Ultimate only drop

And that is confirmed? I mean, why only ultimate? Do bosses pull from an extended drop list on ultimate and not elite?

Checked a reddit comment stating that it drops only in Ultimate Difficulty.

I believe a number of specific items only drop in Ultimate due to their power. It would be a bit too easy to acquire these items if you could do it in Elite. I believe the Sentinel also has Legendary items that only drop in Ultimate, also the secret Dalia quest is only available in Ultimate.

^ yup

Outcast’s Secret is also ultimate only

The Mad Queen’s Claw also drops in the Crucible, even on difficulties lower than Gladiator. That said, I doubt RNG is going to be much kinder to you there considering how many other items could drop instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same with the Outcast’s Secret. Not had any of the Sentinel stuff drop yet though, but I assume they can.

Good luck. Drop rates of these Sentinel/Mad Queen exclusive legendaries are awful. I had to kill Sentinel 88(!) times on Ultimate to get his two exclusive head gear blueprints. From all people that farmed Sentinel/Mad Queen you can safely conclude that drop rates are well below 5%.

These items are Ultimate only. Sentinel will drop epics on Normal/Veteran (Eldritch-Keeper’s Casque) and Elite (Empowered Eldritch-Keeper’s Casque) instead, which are exclusive, too.

That said, Empowered Eldritch-Keeper’s Casque may also drop on Ultimate. At the end of farming those two blueprints I had ten(!) Empowered Eldritch-Keeper’s Casque in my inventory.

Farming the Mad Queen is a pain in the arse if you are not using any of the FotM builds.



They really need to improve the drop rates for The Sentinel Blueprints, if not then add a Waypoint inside the temple. It takes too long to get there.

As for Mad Queen iirc the stretch to reach her is very small, you need to kill the Chillmanes near the Hidden Path Entrance and the Spiders inside the cave. Still drop rate is pretty low. I have 3-4 in my inventory. Can’t recall how many runs.


Can one of you tell me how much OA is good enough to be able to get decent amount of crits on the Mad Queen?

Got my claw on an aspirant crucible :stuck_out_tongue:

Flavour of the Month. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know the exact number. But im at 1750 OA and I have no trouble critting her. On another note. Thats disappointing it doesnt drop on elite. If anyone has a spare they’d be willing to part with or trade for please hmu here! I have a stonefist rebuke, devils cage hauberk, 2 devil tongue pistols, codex of lies, fiends resolve, and two pieces of the justicar set (chest and shoulders) i’d be willing to part with.

On Ultimate Mad Queen or Elite?

I can also craft the Maw of Despair and Voidmancers cord as well.

Thats on elite my friend. But I would say 1750 is fine for ultimate as well. I honestly have a little too much OA.

1.7k OA isn’t enough.

I can kill her on Ultimate with 1.9k, but now i’m planning to shift focus to builds whose constellation powers trigger on crits which is why i need the info

Hmm. The build im basing him off of only had a max of 1.9 OA You might wanna ask around to see. This is my first DoT based character so im not entirely savy on this topic.

Good thing you corrected me. Because i was preparing to go for less OA on my gear. Guess i need to double check things as well.