Clay Pit not working

When I try to place a clay pit down on a clay deposit, I get the error message that it (The clay pit) needs to be placed on a clay pit, even though I’m trying to build the clay pit for the very first time. I have tried spam clicking all over the clay deposit with the clay pit building and it is still red and advises me I need to build the clay pit, on a clay pit, not on a clay deposit. I just downloaded the game today. Not sure what this version is.

Thank you for making an awesome new game for me to play!

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You’re probably trying to put an ordinary pit on an infinite clay pit. Infinite mines/pits need T4 buildings, not T2 ones.

I was trying to put a T2 on an infinite pit. However, the error message still told me I have to place the clay pit, on a clay pit, not a clay deposit.

I think that’s just a matter of American English as opposed to British English.