Codex Window - Notes/Personal Journal

Obviously it’s not hard to make notes on a paper notebook or in a text program on desktop. But it would be cool to be able to make your own notes about a character in game.

I have done this on games such as icewind dale 2 where I made actual sort of short story notes about the characters motives and background. I’m not a good writer but I enjoy it sometimes as a creative expression.

Also you can write notes about character plans in this area or observations. For example “found cave in ‘x’ area but have not entered yet”.

My observations on having something like this are: 1) probably some people would enjoy this feature 2) but they could already easily use a physical notebook or desktop text program 3) so it depends how easy it would be to code this to realize a benefit for the people who would enjoy this feature 4) it’s probably an easy idea for the developers to evaluate and make a decision one way or the other

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Love this idea!
Actually, I opened this forum now because I wanted to suggest exactly this, lol.
Had to stop playing and wished I had an in-game notebook or something to remind me what I planned to do next.

At one time somebody, cant remember who was going to work on a mod or tool to do this. Im a forgetful person & do alot of alts this would be helpful to me. But it needs to be implenented at the start menu for all chars before you go into a mod. Not sure thats even possible.
Another example might be to put a little postum notebook in our bank for individual chars. Might be more of a viable option.

Not possible in a mod.