Cold Aegis of Menhir Needs More Support

So, had the mad idea to try out Cold based Aegis of Menhir and sadly, it’s not good as there’s no real gear that allows it to work as well as the other damage versions. Partly that’s due to no physical damage converted to cold for AoM like other gear skill modifiers as there’s only the Mythical Frostdread Cuirlass that has AoM skill points + cold retaliation. So you can convert most of physical retaliation sadly.

Anyhow, cooked this up:

Still working on it, as it needs more physical resistance etc. Can almost due SR75-76 though at present though.

Also tried Templar, but it was too glassy ;-; Might work better with the current devotion map. In theory lawl. Clears stuff faster though of course, just dies in stiff breeze lawl.

i don’t get it?
why should it have more support? - why should it be a thing in the first place
“more” support would indicate there either is existing support, just not enough (there is none because it’s not a thing - less so like cold retal isn’t really a thing), or that it “should” be a thing in the sense it needs to or deserve to.
Every skill doesn’t need to be able to every dmg type, just like there doesn’t need to be direct support for every dmg type for every skill, that’s where global conversion memes is a thing, and we then accept the lesser stellar existence of it… :neutral_face:

Well, lightning, chaos-vitality, physical,acid and tri-elemental all have gear support for Aegis of Menhir, and only aether and cold lack any support for it. While aether damage conversion would be difficult to support due the DoT damage, cold damage conversion would easy to support.

Especially as Crate can tie cold retaliation into it :wink: A type of retaliation we’ve never otherwise seen well supported.

it wont really tho
it’s still gonna suck just like chaos retal sucks or ather retal sucks; because conversion isn’t all that’s required for retal to work

no?, chaos has no dot, pierce has no dot; it would suck because OK has minimal aether suppor and there isn’t enough item support to make up for it
ie why should cold then get the support but aether shouldn’t
again, why should cold aegis even be a thing? not all skills need all 10dmg types nor do we need equal or any direct item support for all 10 dmg types for all skills
^so why should cold aegis specifically, it seems extremely forced and thus totally redundant here,
in the sense you might aswell make a list of all skills with XY dmg type currently not supported then equally request those skills getting XY dmg type support, otherwise aegis is no different and doesn’t warrant more item"bloat" for it specifically/as some special circumstance.
it should be ok for skill to not have direct item support or even “any” at all for certain dmg types, since not everything needs to be equally converted to every dmg type?

suppose you could say my point boils down to “i don’t think you’re making a good/any real argument for cold aegis support”, if all it comes down to “why not” instead of equally opposing/why should it
-the argument “against” adding support for it seems more valid then, as there is no “need”/real reason to support it other than "it could ":man_shrugging:

I dont think the skill needs to support all the dmg type, as Z stated he doesnt want to see all around mastery, Oathkeeper is already strong and predominant, also there will be no fun if 1st mastery is always Oath because of well-rounded. Some builds are strong and some are average, cant balance them all.


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