Cold Blademaster with a shield?

A while back I posted my 2H cold Blademaster asking for advice, and since then I’ve been told often that dual-wielding or 1H+shield would be a better bet. I think MrTek is streaming a build that basically does the latter, but otherwise I haven’t seen it done or talked about before. I have some ideas on this but wanted to ask people here if this is a viable idea, and if so, how would you do it (build, what kind of items to look for, etc.)?

My basic idea would be to focus on Blade Burst as a main attack, with some points in Menhirs Will and heavy investment in Pneumatic Burst/Shadow Dance taking up most of the points. For items I’m guessing Crescent Moon for the resistance reduction, but I’m a bit stumped on shield since there aren’t any cold based ones.

So yeah, any thoughts on this?

Anything that have soldier in it is viable with a shield, period.

Tho I would try with cadence+ABB.
Edit: search for items with to cold conversion, flat cold, +% to cold (same goes for frost burn)
Edit 2: If you want to keep your enemies frozen, go with shard of asterkarn + nights embrace and torzan 3pcs.

A Glacial Malkadarr’s Dreadblade would fit very well in this build

Both? Since both are low in CD and Duration it might be annoying to maintain both buffs. I guess you gotta try it for yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:
JoV: after my stream, ReachforTheSky streamed for me on steam his dualweilding Spellbreaker and he was able to perma freeze the Mad Queen, Fabius, Iron Maiden and Mosi. It’s wayyyy too OP.

And yeah I was streaming a shield build with maxed Amasrasta Blade Burst + the modifier. Later I wanna max shadow strike and Nightfall. The only thing that bothers me is knowing I would hit with both weapons while using Shadow strike if I was Dual Wielding. I’ll see with the killing speed later on, for now it’s fast but I’m in normal difficulty lvl 42. The idea of the build was to try to make a shield cold based build. My Fire shield Commando is really good so i wanna see how good the cold version can be!

Jabarto: If you really want to go for 2h weapons there is also this helm which has a spammable skill

I am trying, tho not cadence, but shard+lethal, on my poison cold WH, and yes it is a bit annoying :undecided: but both lethal and DM are skyrocketing dps.

I have similar SB setup, only things I wasnt able to freeze are malkadar and log if I recall correctly. It is OP it brings game to absurd lvl.

About survivalbility you dont have to worry I steamrolled ulti with solo soldier S&B, tho clear speed was slow.

Hint: Use blitz instead of shadow strike :wink:

Nah, I wanna use Shadow strike and see where it goes. Lower CD, especially with the modifier and with enough AOE it could overall be really good.

I theory craft on my own! I also used to do guides on the forum (mainly videos) during the early access, and almost all my builds got nerfed (lel).