Cold fw battlemage upd. 18.03.22 (see first post for more information)

:cat2: Battlemage, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator :cat2:

updated 04.03.2022
added new calculator
added description

munis of build:

  • has lack of dmg (probably around 250k dps on ultimate training dummy)
  • Arcane affiix monsters that remove all buffs can kill you
  • unique alk rings can take some time to farm (but alkamos our best friend :blue_heart:)
  • only 25-27% phys res (other res can be overcapped atleast +20% i think)

plus of build:
-we can be caster, can be melee and have a nice blue forcewave
-32% damage absorbtion + 14% reduce dmg if monster stay in blue ring

  • ~12-14%HP/s (could be more if you want) and LL
  • we have purple kitty pet :purple_heart:
  • have 3 seconds of being immortal
  • can dispell what you want
  • have 18-20k HP depend on your gear
    sorry for bad english, google translate included


a bit update
I cannot promise that you could do all content with this build

avatar of mordrogen done :heavy_check_mark:
ravager of flesh done :heavy_check_mark:
20.03.21 166-170crucible.

for HC character I recommend 150 maximum

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anyone? help

If you make a Physical (Forcewave) build then you usually go as much Cunning as possible.
Cold Forcewave - it depends on details of your whole setup, I’d go Physique or Spirit.

I say totally depends on which you focus more. Seeing you take star pact, I say go all the way cold, the same goes for devotion. Then look at HP and DA, I play comfortably at least at 12k health and 2.8k DA, so the stats go physique until I met the number, then the rest go spirit.

Damage ratios shouldn’t be what you’re looking at when thinking about this. It’s whether you’re making a character around dealing as much Physical/Internal Trauma, Pierce or Bleeding damage (in which case, go Cunning for more +% damage to these) or Spirit for a character around Fire/Burn, Cold/Frostburn, Lightning/Electrocute, Elemental, Acid/Poison, Vitality/Vitality Decay, Aether and Chaos damage for a bigger +% damage to those.

I’d hope you’re not making a character for Physical damage as converting 60% of your damage away into Cold is a massive damage loss :stuck_out_tongue:.

Finally, it is worth going over stat priorities - only go for excess Cunning/Spirit when it is safe to do. There’s not much of a point going after more damage if you can’t stay alive to begin with to deal your bigger damage out. Have some defenses you can rely on (e.g. damage absorption/enemy damage reduction) and suitable amounts of health, armour, resistances, strong health recovery etc. first.

The reason it’s recommended to go most/all Physique for new players is that it’s more comfortable to have the extra Defensive Ability/Health as an extra layer but experienced players can readily start to sacrifice it when they know how much they need at a minimum to handle specific fights, when to use temporary defenses like circuit breakers to maximum effect and can build up strong layers of damage mitigation in other places than just Defensive Ability.


yes I will try phys+cold (40+60%smth) then will try 2spirit+1physique and 2cunning+1physique. as for hardcore veteran

If I were to level Cold Forcewave, I’d probably play Nightblade (so Blademaster) and then I could farm Alkamos’ Scythe
which would give me 100% Physical to Cold (50% from skill mod to Menhir’s Bulwark and 50% from a prefix + native weapon’s conversion).

If I’m not mistaken @Relinfearous did this meme some time ago.

Would recommend against raising both Physical and Cold damage simultaneously in favour of specialising in just one (like what tqFan suggested above for pure Cold) but I can’t stop you. Sometimes, you learn what works best by trying things out and seeing what sticks and doesn’t stick.

also as I understand forcewave is a spell soOA is useless (always hit) right?

Nope. OA effects your chance to hit/crit on basically everything including Forcewave.

but it scales with cast speed, right?


So have a new question.
Does conversion from star pact affect maul devotion?


so my total 15%conversion phys to cold then +897%increase to cold damage affect it?

Yes and your %magic damage bonus from Spirit.

Try get more Physical to Cold conversion than just Star Pact for it to be beneficial (unless you’re making some weird Physical / Cold hybrid)

Or alternatively Vit → Cold for Bat / Scale of Ulcama / Wendigo or Pierce → Cold for Bat

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yes IM doing some weird phys/cold hybrid)) currently norman veteran hc
Im currently trying gargabol farm w/o dying

final devotion will be healing rain and 4 amatok points
forcewave gameplay feels like caster becouse of range of atack

maybe will try nemesis relique
oh shit I just loot Bane of the Winter King
looks like it now will be pet+cold build

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nemesis relic is not a pet, right? so it doesnt scale with pet buffs?

Correct. It will always say ‘scales with player damage bonuses’ if it is not a true pet.


so for example IF i have piercing> cold conversion on items Silver Sentinel’s Mask does it affect nemesis attacks?
fast google looks like - yes.nemesis will convert piercing atacks to cold