Cold Judgment Variant of the Conduit of Divine Whispers Feedback

Just the title. I think it needs some flat CDR mod. Using it as damage source is a bit unrealistic and too meme even for meme builds so the DR is the main selling point of this variant. Having 0,5 or even 1 sec CDR mod would be good to get constant DR with builds that has no global CDR.

Here is the build I used this conduit; Archon, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Damagewise this build is not bad, but I trusted the conduit for DR and it doesn’t work good since the cooldown is too long and when you move to other monsters you face them without DR most of the time.

Anyway it’s a simple request, I doubt it will break any balance and I doubt it will provide any build extra advantage since I never anyone used it on any other build either.


I used it on my ex-cyclone build which I scrapped a while ago, it worked quite alright except my extremely hard standards broke it, and sure it may not need that DR but since it “supports” it by 2 skill points in Crushing Verdict I suppose adding some lightning damage on that meme variant would be neat too.

Your suggestion would cherry on top of my own idea. :cherries:

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