Cold Phantasmal Blades items and Harra's Artifice set could get some buffs

The title. In early days of FG, Harra used to be a strong set and cold PB were strong too. Now, a lot of things have changed and Harra is a bleak shadow of her former glory.

This is the setup I mainly utilise:

As seen, the build actually has very poor pierce, chaos and bleed overcaps, doesn’t have 200% cast speed on a spam skill and need 2 Seals of Might to get its resists to playable level, and lacks skillpoints terribly.

In Crucible I really struggled with this build. I’m a mediocre pilot so I did only 7:22 run with it - and it’s the fastest runs of those that just ended. More often I resulted in sth like 8 mins or just died at 160/162 etc.

The run itself:

In SR the build completes SR65-66 but I couldn’t finished it without deaths.

What do I actually suggest:

  • M. Arcanum Frigus - add +1 to NB or Arcanist, remove -cd to PB and increase the chaos conversion to 100%. Also, +2 to Nether Edge can be easily replaced with +3 to Phantasmal Blades.
  • Harra’s Ward - add 8% cast speed, change vitality res to chaos, pierce of bleed resist or some smaller values of two of them.
  • Harra’s Armor and Hood - replace %chance to avoid with 3-4% phys res. Add ele res to armor.

Also I suggest just adding -3 sec CD mod and -50% total damage mod (same as FT but w/o conversion) to set so PB can become purely cold and visually good.

Shoutout to @mad_lee, @banana_peel and everyone who tried cold PB and Harra and has his personal opinion on this topic.


Also ,transter mods from frenetic throw (with removal pierce to vitality conversion) as set initially, because that’s makes your knives pink(visually), instead that they should be cold


I 100% disagree with removing CD

I’ve been aruging to get it buffed for a long time. And that’s what i’d really like personally.

There is enough spam PB to go around

So tu sum it up:

Agree to buff PB but for CD version
Buff Cold CT
Cold SJ is actually pretty good so nothing to add there

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Right, so I’ve made this build early in AoM and when @John_Smith showed how fast it can be Zantai swinged his nerfhammer HARD. After that the game got harder in FG but Harra’s power (I am talking about PB part because other parts don’t work that well unfortunately) was never restored. Yes, meme parts of the set were buffed but it didn’t really help it.

Right now PB’s part of the set is hardly working. Set has very little defenses (just 5% physical resist) for a caster that’s supposed to be a spam-caster (so has to facetank in melee range), poor set bonuses (80 OA, 5 energy regen, 14% casting speed and that’s it) and itemization around it is pretty poor. If you want to use it for PB you are basically forced to use main-hand/off-hand that give no +1 to masteries and have pretty weak conversions.

Funny thing, @banana_peel has recently explored that set and ended up with Cold PB spec that had zero Harra items and was almost 1 minute faster than full Harra.

The shoulders are some of the best shoulders in the game tho, dont @ me

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I’ve made 3 Harra builds around 3 skills it supports. I’ll make a feedback post once i’ll be able to download the videos.

Shortly, CT Harra is strong, SJ Harra is almost there and needs some buffs, PB Harra is unplayable and needs buffs from the set and from the base skill (it’s cold side, i. e. conversions).


I see your disagreeing almost in every topic. And its always without any actual proofs, only gt links and your word.


I tried cold PB+Devastation Breaker in the past. It was very squishy, despite my efforts and getting Hourglass devotion, which can make your mirror usable more often. Definitely some physical res can be added to set and also gun needs a buff, cold PB build actually prefer weapon with -RR proc instead of a weapon precisely made for it.

I also would like to see better PB on CD but just like Primal Strike, and few others spam version works simply better.


Yes, just lower the CD on the existing items. The items are already there, they just need to do a better job at supporting CD.

I’ve suggested this more than one last year. I just didn’t make open threads about it. But I did try the set with CT spam + PB

then SJ spam + CD PB where, like you, I arrived at the conclusion @Dmt that spam PB + CD SJ was just better not just for damage but also sustain. Which defeats the purpose of -CD itemization really.

After making a laggy lego build back in aoM I was excited for support on cold CD PB. I liked the idea and I was pretty bummed at how poorly it turned out in FG

So question is why is there a compromise needed when CD PB could work very well if it had more support. Unless it’s again one of those threads where things just have to be a certain way because reasons, then i don’t think I can argue with that.

Yes Dmt, I have no opinions about builds and play styles in GD. I just love coming on these threads and disagree just for the sake of it so that I can see the same people :heart: each other over and over, accepting only their own premise and opinions.

It’s not tiresome and thankless to do at all…just pure joy hanging out here.

PS: hope you read what i read above and no i won’t provide proof(s). I played these builds long ago and wrote like two essays on the set in testing aiming for buffs on CT and PB. Nothing to prove to you and it’s not the point of what the conversation is about. It’s about killing a play style in favor of another which doesn’t need to happen


This game has so many moving parts, and every patch brings quite a few changes that might turn the things around without you even knowing it. You can’t rely on the testing done in the past, unfortunately. Then again, even with the help of the community you can’t test everything every patch. So lots of changes must be done based on pure experience.

Maybe when you tested it, CT Harra was weak. But now with Bane of WInter King and new-ish Arcanist buffs it is stronger and more sturdy than PB Harra and SJ Harra. The strongest cold caster i’ve made, actually, albeit there weren’t many.

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It’s a funny but not very healthy dynamic when a group of experienced players is constantly criticising the game and a group of Praetorians is vigorously defending it. Apparently, the devs must somehow find drips of reason in all that, and i don’t envy this job. It would be better if everyone realised we are on the same side, and balance and flavor can coexist just fine. There is enough conflict IRL.

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none of what you said justifies killing a play style entirely just because people on this thread seem do just want to spam PB. There’s been plenty of that. I find it lazy and uninteresting do just do more of the same.

As for CT, I have no issues there. If it’s strong with Bane then that’s what it is. It’s a strong weapon. My issue was with killing CD PB style and no more than that.

This feedback thread did not even fathom the idea of keeping Cd PB style. Just steer it into a direction you want, cause…reasons and…experience…and deep understanding of the game etc.

…for a different core issue than what it would mean to discuss enhancing an item like normal people/players.
You’d know what I mean if you would think about it. But you do not because when it comes to these threads because you think alike.

Basically idk why anyone else , including myself, would even post in these threads. You’ve made up your minds 100% before posting, you discard everything on a thread, tap each other on the back and then even seem surprised or upset is things go bad.

I don’t get any likes or dislikes when I post feedback that you don’t ever see from anyone. You are mixing the very phenomenon you’ve created and support each other over on this forum with those that simply spectate and don’t like it.

Did you read anything i wrote, at all? Holy hell…

Again, you put a lable of me like i belong to some “kind” of people who all think alike. I can’t fight this wall of arrogance and ignorance anymore. At least, i tried.

Maybe stay on topic? Be so kind, please.
This thread is about Harra’s Set and spam cold PB items, so if you have any ideas or have tested sth and have proofs (this is IMPORTANT), then post it.
I’m extremely tired of every feedback thread becoming a battlefield for forum members and praetorians.

You can quote me out of context if it fits your idea.

And no matter how you like to distance yourself and seem objective in your delivery on these threads, It’s not doing anything.

So if i’m arrogant and ignorant, a pretty bad combination of traits to come by, then I wonder what kind of description would befit you? I’d be uncivil to mention it for sure.

This will be my last reply on or outside the topic

Harra CD Pblades is perfectly fine as it is. No buffed required. I don’t need to offer any proof of that, you already played the build, you know its a 6min build, exactly how it was intended. I don’t think i need to bring back what Z said long time ago about the fact that he will try to bring all builds around the 6 minutes mark. This is just the beginning.

I’ll just say this because i have no interest in going further into this argument: the reason i liked fluff’s post was mainly because of his want of cd pb being the main point of Harra set and not yet another spam PB set.

The suggestions of the OP basically want to turn Harra, and Arcanum Frigus weapon for that matter, into something it’s clearly not trying to be. The set and that pistol are going for CD PB, but some people apparently want that to be removed instead of buffed.

sorry but I don’t know anything like that. What I exactly know - that Harra PB is an inconsistent, defence-lacking build for 7:30 (in average player’s hands) maybe with far from 100% chance of success. I can load more videos of crucible runs if you don’t believe me.

You are forgeting that builds are buffed or nerfed based on experienced runners performance, not average, just like any other builds. If i were to post some other underperforming builds videos that i made, they would probably get nerfed too :wink: .
EDIT if you go full yolo on every builds trying to squeeze out as much time as you could im not surprised they wouldn’t be a 100% chance of success. Some builds are just not like that. Lets just deal with it. Harra is not one of those builds.

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I liked the OP for the general idea of buffing Harra PB not because i support removing the possibility of cd cold PB. Removing playstyles if always bad.

I played Harra PB and it was shit even with strong MIs. It was worse than a cold PB build with 3 separate pieces of 3 different sets none of which is Harra, the set made for cold PB. So i think it should be buffed, as simple as that.


Well, I’ve also given the save file to some experienced players, let’s wait for what their results will be.

Looking forward to it :D.