Cold player scaling pet Dervish

Just kinda throwing this idea out if someone is interested in trying it out or wants to iterate on it. I think it has potential but piloting it puts me off of it.

We can already make a cold Guardian of Empyrion using an oathkeeper conduit. We can also get pretty good Blade Spirit with Chillwhisper. Add in an, ahem, +5 to Guardian of Empyrion Badge of Mastery and we have lvl 26 in both pets. Unlike the fire Blade Spirit + fire Guardian combo, this one has complete damage conversion on both pet (regular Guardian has phys damage that’s otherwise hard to convert) and you get Night’s Chill as RR too.

Just a preface, a +3 to guardian badge has 1/54 chance to spawn (but it would allow us to hit the 3 summon breakpoint), a +5 has 1/2916 chance to spawn. Since I’ll never get this in a life time I’ll resort to a third party tool to test it: [Grim Dawn] Dervish cold pets vs Crucible 150-170 - YouTube

6 minutes on the first attempt but that’s pretty fast for me considering I don’t know how to play Crucible. The damage is quite absurd. The build does have the issue of relying on a long cooldown Pneumatic Burst to heal though.

Edit: the badge isn’t really necessary (Dervish, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator) but it helps


Very nice, I remember Lee made Cold Guardian Dervish (w/o BS) but with Barthollem Gavel that has cooled down for eternity.
Your idea is more natural / less fantasy. I have Paladin with Tome of Names still to test using buffs.

Now we have 3 Cold Guardian builds and each with a different support weapon for the boys.


I never realized that Tome of Names had guardian mod on it. But that’s a good suggestion, I wouldn’t be surprised if ToN or a Chillstrife made this stronger (Chillstrife also enables dual blade phys res which is nice)


Just realized that there is already a cold themed Dervish item for the offhand: Dervish, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

The -2 level to guardian and -1 guardian limit result in a noticeable damage loss, but this is much easier to steer in the crucible due to better damage reduction and leech.

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