[Collection] Modding Tutorial Requests


Since there are tutorial requests located in many different threads and kinda hard to find all together, I thought it might be usefull to have a list of requested tutorials that still have to be made and a list on what tutorials are in a wip state so people don’t do them twice or more.

If you have any tutorial request or are working on one, please post them here so I can increase / update the list and the chance that someone will see it might increase, too.

Requested Tutorials

  • Importing TQ / TQIT meshes into Grim Dawn
  • Importing / Exporting Grim Dawn Meshes
  • Full mastery creation walkthrough (including visual adjustments and related skill entries)
  • Creating new NPCs

Work in Progress Tutorials

#1 Video Tutorial
On how to create custom effects with the Effect Editor and use them in-game + explanation of what meshes, shaders, decals, textures and effects are.
(Keep it as user-friendly as possible, a lot of people are gonna want to use this tool but they are probably not familiar to the diverse terminology)

#2 Video Tutorial
On how to create images for new masteries and explanation on how to have them appear in-game.
(What are the best tools or programs to create the images and how you do it, + tips for beginner)
(Again, if you’re gonna demonstrate a software you’re used with… you might want to go as slow as possible and explain what steps you’re taking and why)

Uhm I think i basically covered these two already, not as video tutorial though but as tutorial in general.

As for texture editing…that’s not related to modding directly and there are a lot of tutorials out there in art forums for it and videos on youtube so I won’t include this into the list. Making them appear ingame should be included in a full mastery creation walkthrough.

Declaring what the single types of resource files are is something I did in another thread on the modding forums in the closed section, might copy it over here.


Here is a guide I made for TQ, I may go over it again with images/videos and update it for GD, but I’m pretty sure from what I’ve seen, it’s 100% the same.

It’s pity that we can’t see the images anymore.

shrug lost in time, not much I can do.

Regardless, there’s a ton of information there that should provide to be valuable to anyone who needs it. ShadowLance put a ton of work into defining each of the buttons/features of the editor.

@Elfe I just finished reading it. Pretty well done.

@ASYLUM01 thank you for the guide, I will take a deeper look at it later!
It seems to contain every information I needed! :slight_smile:

I need create a wave spell and the effect I’m using is really weird, this is going to be pretty helpful!

That was not agressive, just my little brain need images to better understand.

No worries I didn’t perceive it to be aggressive anyway.


I got you covered mate

Nice! Still quite a few images missing but it’s better than nothing. :smiley:

Yep, web archive is a very helpfull tool.

I am interested to know either :

  • How to add quest to the original game world without recompiling the 600 Mo of assets (and without replacing an orginal quest)
  • How to add a new map to the game world without recompiling all the >600 Mo assets/ressources.

Is it possible to make a light mod that add a map or quest to the original game without needing to copy everything in the mod folder ?

I want to make a mod that adds new quest to the game but I would prefer if I don’t need to upload a >800 MO mod when the modified files only weight less than 1 Mo.

All of your requests are impossible due to how the game files are built.

Sorry mate :confused:

Well for resource files you could add the archive tool and add single quest files maybe but you still would have to recompile the whole world as you need to add the quest there too.

Thanks Elfe.
But if I compile my mod and then want to share it, do I need to share ALL the files even those that were not modified.For example let’s say my mods only add item, skills,conversation and quest files (and a few new icones), but I don’t change anything in the world file (exept adding new quest), will I need to share even the sounds file that takes >1 go or the level Art.arc?
Also why is there no Maps.arc in the default game ?
Coul I share only the maps.arc if I didn’t change anything in the world (exept addind new quests)?
Or do I need to share the levels.arc ?

That depends on if you’re making a hard mod or a soft mod.

If you make a hard mod, you will have to include all files in all archives in which changed files are located as the game needs all informations from that file. If you do not add / change anything in a file, you don’t need to include it in your mod since everybody will already have it.

If you make a soft mod, you only need to compile the files that were changed / added as these get loaded on top of the original files.


If you read the guide, they even advice to use a “levels” folder instead of maps.

Eh…the original world is inside the levels.arc so you will have to provide it if you add new quests as these have to be linked in there. Otherwise the game won’t recognize them.

Don’t know what you’re about with maps arc. You can not register new quests using a soft mod if you want to make new quests for the original gd world. This means you will have to use the content of levels.arc instead for this.

Totally tangential to this, is this why I’m having troubles with the Editor?

I started with a \maps folder and I have the following issue (and don’t know if \maps is the problem):

If I leave my .lvl, .rlv, .tga files in source (e.g. mymod\source\1.lvl) and have only the .sd and .wrl files within source\maps the editor works fine, except I’m having a string of warning messages that say:

"1.lvl. This level has been modified outside of the editor.

Do you want to reload it? Selecting Yes will discard any unsaved changes."

These pop up and “pause” the editor until I click no to all of them, and then at some point they pop up again. But other than that, the map builds ok and everything works ok.

But. If I move the .lvl, .rlv and .tga files within the \maps folder, so that they are together with the .sd and .wrl, I see the layout ok, but when I try and enter editor mode everything is black. Nothing loads up. What gives?

If I keep adding regions it will become very difficult to do anything, as I will spend most of my time clicking away the messages. 15 messages popping up is already borderline tolerable, reminds me of that stupid mission in GTA V.:smiley:

I copied the world and levels inside the levels folder of the mod and tried to build it but there is still an error when building.
I believe it might be because the ressource/levels folder from the main game that was copied to the source folder of the mod doesn’t contain any.lvl file

So how can we copy and build the main game if we don’t have all the levels ?

Not at all until someone writes a map decompiler or the devs release them.

That warning kept poping up for an unknown reason in the tq editor, too. No idea what’s wrong about that but maybe it helps if you close the asset manager while working with the world editor.

Thank you Elfe, so at least While waiting I can test my quest by editing an existing side quest (or even better if there exist unused quest ?).

Also is it planned that the devs release a map decompiler or give us the levels ?
Or is it something we are hoping for.I did not read anything about this.
If not I better modify existing quest to add new tasks because I want my mod compatible with the main game.