Collection of theorycrafted FG builds pre-release 2.0

I will now update this thread till … tomorrow! as it is the release date.
This thread is just a copy/paste from the first thread by malawiglenn who should be thanked and revered until the end of time for his hard work.

in this thread I will collect and organize the theorycrafted builds that we made prior to the Forgotten Gods release.

You can find the thread Forgotten Gods Theorycrafting Thread (x1x1x1x2) here

I have and will only collected the pre-FG theorycrafted builds posted in the said thread. Some forumites have made a new thread for their particular builds. In particular, an entire thread have been dedicated to discuss Eye of Reckoning (spin2win) builds here:

Furthermore, I have included only the first version of the presented build. If you wanna see what kind of improvements people have suggested simply search the posts below the build of interest to see if anyone has quoted and commented.

NOTE these builds are purely theoretical and have not been played (though some praetorians have given their insights/spoilers on how some of these builds would perform in game). Also keep in mind that Grim Tools is not 100% accurate pre-release.

If you have posted a build in x1x1x1x2’s thread and I have not included it here please comment below if you want it included here in the summary thread.

There are over 1000 posts made so far in x1x1x1x2’s thread, great theorycrafting everybody!

It happens on a daily basis that people asks “has anyone done some kind of build with xyz skill/set” in the x1x1x1x2 thread.
So my summary here will simply help less active forum members to find a build to aim for / use as inspiration.

Sure, most of the builds will change of course (and some might not even become reality), but it will take several weeks until we have a new build compendium thread and so on. Again, this thread of collected builds will serve as a source of inspiration.

I look very much forward to see us all find the required gear and play with our digital dolls :slight_smile:

I will update now and then to include more builds

I sometimes gets asked if I can add build x to this thread. My general answer is “no”. My ambition was only to gather our initial build ideas in one place where it is easy to find them. I do not have the time to keep this thread updated with “latest version” or similar. Post your builds in the x1x1x1x2 thread and if someone is interested in finding a more recent version of the build, that person will either PM you or perform an advanced search in said thread.

Click on spoilers to see link to builds

OK = Oathkeeper

Dervish (OK + Nightblade)

Shadowstrike by mad_lee

Fire DW Melee by Belzzzz

Cold Eye of Reckoning by Belzzzz

DW Pierce Eye of Reckoning by Aldebaran

DW Acid by Smitherson

DW Acid by somnium

DW Acid by Superfluff

DW Acid I by thejabrixone

DW Acid II by thejabrixone

Aether Eye of Reckoning by Belzzzz & &

Cold Eye of Reckoning by Belzzzz

DW Acid by Jahuz &

DW Acid by Ptirodaktill

Acid Melee by Cassiopaia

Acid Retaliation AyyyLmao

Melee by somnium

2H Acid melee by User_Name_01

DW Fire melee by Shi_Gusuto

Cold & Acid by janodal

Summoner by Lind

2H Acid Strike by BaldeEagle

Oppressor (OK + Necromancer)

Vitality caster by x1x1x1x2

Vitality builds by Belzzzz

Dark One set caster/melee by thejabrixone

Fire & Vitality caster by Tazor

Stonefather set “Blue item only” Melee + Vire’s Might by malawiglenn

Acid “meme build” by Aldebaran

Dark one set build by x1x1x1x2

3 builds by Belzzzz

Vitality by Safarel

Fire caster by Cassiopaia

Sword and Board Budget by malawiglenn

Aether Eye of Reckoning by AmineF

2H-melee aether by Belzzzz

2H-melee aether by x1x1x1x2

Vitality caster by thejabrixone

Sword & Board Aether by Saw

Retaliation by thejabrixone

Physical by FireGunz

Fire caster by Cassiopia

Drain Essence & Retaliation by x1x1x1x2 &

Drain Essence & Retaliation by thejabrixone

Drain Essence & Retaliation by owl

Physical gunner xDeathdealer sidearm by thejabrixone

Vitality Bone Harvest by x1x1x1x2

Blightlord Caster by Roadkill87

Octavius Aegis by x1x1x1x2

S&B physical caster Bonelance by BladeEagle

DW Acid by Zoppy


Shieldbreaker (OK + Demolitionist)

Sword & Board Fire Budget by Lord Yanaek

Black Water Cocktail by x1x1x1x2

Chaos by Aldebaran

Eye of Reckoning & Judgement by Ptirodaktill

Fire: Eye of Reckoning, BWC & Judgement by Ptirodaktill

Fire Judgment by Darkdeal &

2H Ranged fire by Belzzzz

Fire Caster by Evil_Baka

Fire Caster by Saw

Fire Judgment by Belzzzz

Vitality Grenado + Guardian of Empyrion by Firegunz

Fire Aegis of Menhir budget sketch by malawiglenn

Fire Aegis of Menhir by morpheus_

Fire Eye of Reckoning Infernal Knight set by Ptirodaktill

Fire Melee + Judgement Infernal Knight set by Belzzzz

Fire Eye of Reckoning by Korsar

Mortar Trap by Firegunz

Mortar Trap by Ptirodaktill

2H ranged Fire strike by Belzzzz

Vire’s Might + Thermite Mines by Belzzzz

Warlord (OK + Soldier)

Physical Sword and Board by malawiglenn

Physical Sword and Board by Mauricius

Fire Aegis of Menhir + Ranged by Belzzzz

Physical: Aegis of Menir, Rigtheous Fervor, Retal by hammyhamster1

2H Ranged fire by Belzzz

Retaliation tank FreezardB by

Retaliation tank xOMOCHIx by

Aegis of Menhir spammer by owl

Blade Arc, Retribution & Doomforce Spellscourge set by malawiglenn

Physical Eye of Reckoning by AmineF

Acid & Physical Retaliation by Dropping

Physical Cadence by Mauricius and

DW Physical melee by Crevette

Physical Eye of Reckoning by Saw

Acid Sword & Board by Kyleblake92

Retaliation by Walzahn

Bonelance by Firegunz

Retaliation by xOMOCHIx &

Physical Forcewave & Aegis of Menhir by x1x1x1x2

Triple ”Blitz” physical by malawiglenn

2H-Forcewave spammer by malawiglenn

Aegis of Menhir & Forcewave by Spilskinanke

Aegis of Menhir & Forcewave by Rhaelys

Tank by Victor Brand

Tank by Salamibrot

Spellscourge Blade Arc Spam by x1x1x1x2

Ping-pong Physical “on the move” by Sinaril

Ping-Pong Fire by Belzzzz

Physical Forcewave + Aegis by gladmark

Physcial Cadence Dual-Wield 1 & 2 by Rhaelys

Archon (OK + Shaman)

Lightning Eye of Reckoning by sfbistimg

Lightning Eye of Reckoning by Pareto

Lightning Eye of Reckoning by Rednose

Lightning Eye of Reckoning by sir spanksalot

Lightning Eye of Reckoning with Ultos set by Akillon

Lightning Eye of Reckoning by cl_gibcount & &

Lightning Eye of Reckoning by Arulon

Bleed by Rhylthar

Retaliation I by Belzzzz

Retaliation II by Belzzzz

Retaliation by Aldebaran

Fire & Lightning Aegis of Menhir by Nery

DW fire by Cassiopaia

2H Fire melee by thejabrixone

2H Fire melee by Cinder

S&B Bleeding by Belzzzz

Blazerush Vire’s Might by Belzzzz

Primal Strike + EoR by Tazor

2H Avenger by thejabrixone

Sentinel (OK + Occultist)

2H and Retaliation DasQuintius by

Acid & Chaos build with some retaliation by User_Name_01

Chaos Eye of Reckoning by User_Name_01

Physical and Acid Aegis of Menhir by owl

Acid Aegis of Menhir by Belzzzz

Sword and Board by Ripper

Sword and Board by Breadredux

Sword and Board by Mauricius &

Sword and Board by ArachnoPunk

Chaos Sword & Board Eye of Reckoning by Exuro

Chaos Eye of Reckoning by sfbistimg

Chaos Eye of Reckoning by Darkdeal

Chaos Eye of Reckoning by Anathema2741

Chaos Eye of Reckoning by Tazor

Chaos Eye of Reckoning by Salamibrot

Chaos Eye of Reckoning by Infernape

DW chaos melee by hammyhamster1

Fire Retaliation by Belzzzz

Retaliation by hammyhamster1

Retaliation by somnium

Retaliation by thejabrixone

Retaliation by hammyhamster1

Retaliation by x1x1x1x2

Retaliation by thejabrixone

Retaliation & Eye of Reckoning by Appeltaart

Retaliaiton by Superfluff

Acid 2H-Melee by Safarel

Acid caster by Heavyw8

Acid Melee by Talonblade

Daega Acid Retaliation by Belzzzz

Shattered S&B - DEE + BP by rakadewa

EoR + Doombolt by ecogen

EoR Acid Retaliation by Belzzzz

Commando (Soldier + Demolitionist)

Templar (OK + Arcanist)

Callidor Tempest and Vire’s Might by Sinaril &

Fire Aegis of Menhir by Baunk

Fire Obliteration by Nxt

Fire Eye of Reckoning by hammyhamster1

Fire tank by drowning

Caster by Ptirodaktill

“4 x Devastation” by Belzzzz

Physical by Firegunz &

Aether Eye of Reckoning by cl_gibcount

Fire caster by cl_gibcount

Vire’s Might & Devastation by janodal

Vire’s Might by Baunk &

Eye of Reckoning by hammyhamster1

Bonelance by Firegunz

Elemental Retal’ MoE by Belzzzz

Vire’s Might by Sinaril

Burning Crit by drowning






Death Knight



Paladin (OK + Inquisitor)

Caster by Baunk / Belzzzz &

Fire Sword & Board by malawiglenn

Gun & Shield by Aldebaran

Aegis of Menhir by x1x1x1x2

Aegis of Menhir by Tazor

Eye of Reckoning by Tazor

Fire Aegis of Menhir & Rune of Kalastor Budget by malawiglenn

Fire Aegis of Menhir by FieserMoep

Aegis of Menhir by Ptirodaktill

Ranged Stronghold set by Tazor

Retaliation by Muggs

Cold DW Ranged by Skynight

2H ranged Fire by thejabrixone

2H ranged Fire by Ptirodaktill

Chaos retaliation & Flames of Ignaffar by Belzzz

DW ranged Pierce by mad_lee

DW Havoc ranged Nxt by

Eye of Reckoning by hammyhamster1

Fire Retaliation by Belzzzz

Cold Sword & Board by Skyknight

Dual-Wield Vire’s Might Paladin by Belzzzz

Stronghold + Justicar by thejabrixone

Virtue Aegis by ecogen

Aegis + RoK by Victor Brand

Virtue S&B V1 and V2 by Mysh








Callidor Tempest + Phantasmal blades by Anathema2741

Callidor Tempest + Phantasmal blades by somnium

Callidor Tempest + Phantasmal blades by Pareto

4xCold Blade Spirits & Callidor Tempest & Chillspikes by Belzzzz

Cold Deva’ Caster by Ronin001

Mage Hunter






Witch Hunter





Oathkeeper (Single class)

updated till #1437

The cyclone skill shown in trailer. Which skill is that? I am looking for a build that uses that.

Found it: Eye of Reckoning.


Moderator please make this thread sticky, at least until we have a new build compendium

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But seriously, thanks so much for this, really helping my little Twohander Dervish smack some stuff around.

As a newer player to whom a build spec list doesn’t mean a ton, what does each of the the oathkeeper class combos excel in rolewise?

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