Colour Blindness

First, thanks for thinking to include colour blindness toggles in the game - a lot of devs don’t think to do that.

Unfortunately, at least for me, they really don’t do anything but ruin the look of the game. I have moderate protanomaly (which means the red-cones are defective, though not completely unresponsive as with protanopia). Using the protanopia option makes it appear that colour has been drained from the world, that reds become pink and everything looks more faded. It also doesn’t fix my main gameplay-affecting issue: that I can’t tell the difference between some of the item rarity colours. Magic and Rare items look indistinguishable unless I look for the word “Rare” in the tooltip and the same goes for Epic and Legendary. Unfortunately you couldn’t have picked a more difficult colour scheme for item rarity than you did for people with protanomaly - since you’re going along the spectrum and thus you have pairs of colours whose difference is based entirely on being able to distinguish how much red they have.

My request - to make the game much more tolerable for people with my vision problem - is to introduce some other form of differentiating for rarity. The two most successful ways I’ve seen in other games are:

  1. Give players the ability to set the item rarity colours themselves. This would immediately solve the issue of distinguishing rarity for any form or strength of colour blindness. It would also let people who are used to the rarity colours in different games use colours they are more familiar with. A good addition here would be to let them alter the strength / alpha of the colour overlay used for each colour in the inventory.

  2. Add a graphical indicator that doesn’t rely on colour. A series of dots or + marks on the icon (+ for common, ++ for magic, +++ for rare), for example or possibly different borders on the icon and tooltip. If more designers would think about never using colour exclusively to distinguish things in games then the world would be a lot more colour-blind friendly.

Thanks for reading this - I really hope you are able to address this issue for people like me. I know I can’t be the only one who loves this game but ends up playing it less than they would like because they get frustrated at the colour-coding.

I absolutely second Literaltruths point. As someone with the same condition health bars and item names have been the things I have the most problems with.

I also love the suggestions. It would be awesome if one those would be added to the game at some point (even though it only affects a few people).

I’m not colourblind but would love the option of setting my own item colours!

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Thirded. Super happy you’ve included options for the colour blind amongst us, but I too find the effect on the game world too severe when activated. I’ve tried using both the deuteranopia and protanopia option, and whilst they are great for fixing the item colours, they drain too much colour out of the world.

You’ve made a beautiful game which I’ve spent nearly 600 hours in, but I can’t find a good balance of colour blindness option for items without ruining the game world. :frowning:

The option to change the colours for rarity ourselves (both in the inventory and item name colour) would be a perfect solution. :smiley:

Would it help you, if Crate added rarity symbols to the loot tags?

That would be a great help. :slight_smile:

If possible, I’d have a second request that would also massively help:

Make the red X on items you cannot equip brighter/bolder. At the moment it’s impossible to see on amulets & rings.