Combat bug - has anyone else experienced this?

I have a continually recurring issue where I am spike damaged by (I think) big physical hitting mobs, and the combat kind of glitches so that they don’t die until I do. Then I come back and easily kill them. If I disengage from the combat briefly, it seems to “reset” and the mobs become killable again.

I just now had the same thing occur, and knew it was going to happen as I saw the big hits coming in and the mob wouldn’t die. I actually watched its health stay on zero for a good 5 seconds without dying (despite me attacking furiously) while it beat me down to inevitable death.

This is in the single player mode, so it can’t be lag. Any clues on what’s happening?

I am running a level 100 Purifier with Aegis/Justice sets.

Hard to say without a video, your best bet is probably to run repair.exe and to verify the integrity of the game files if you’re using Steam.
And if you’re using any 3rd party programs, try without them.

Yeah I can’t video because it seems to happen sparodically. I’m not running any mods. Thanks for the tip though. Will try it.

Has no-one else experienced this? I can’t believe I’m the only one. It could be something to do with mob AI I’m unaware of (some ability), but it feels like a glitch as I can predict it’s going to happen when it does.

You should mention specific enemies that you’ve noticed it occurring on, I’ve never heard of this happening in single player, without mods.

In MP, with mods? Sure. Happens all the time - it’s a desync issue. But since you claim single player unmodded, can’t be that.

Tried verifying your game files? Really not much else anyone can do to help you without a video or more specific ways to reproduce your “glitch”.