Combat Caster Builds


am falling into trap of making either (a) fairly predictable S&B tanky brawlers or (b) running around like a loon throwing dot skillz and waiting for baddies to die.

Is there a third way? Am looking for a combat caster class that is vanilla Ultimate viable (not worried about Crucible) and fun to level up. I know you can’t have it all, I’m just after a bit of a change.

How about something like this :slight_smile:

[spoiler]I think I found unrepaired bridge on Cairn

Where have you been?
Please finished the unfinished job :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, you can check this one, I think it’s match your Combat Caster criteria :

Please check 2nd post also, that’s S&B version
They are Hybrid Melee - Caster Builds, perhaps one of them is your Combat Caster type :smiley:

Thanks TeeZee, that’s the sort of thing I was looking for!

There are too many un-repairable bridges in Cairn. The one that should take you to Tyrant’s Hold is the one we keep writing funding applications for.

The powers-that-be are demanding 6000,000 scrap and several trillion bits to repair it though. Bastards.

The first video look fun and it looks like a conjurer. Do you have a grimtools link for it? Thanks!

6000,000 scrap and several trillion bits to repair it though, ouch…
Imagine, how many Stonehide Boots I can get with that enormous amount of resources :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy funding for CairnBridgeRepairGuy :smiley:

It is fun, isn’t it?
Sure I’ll post the details later :slight_smile:

Can you guess what kind of damages that toon dealt in the first video? :smiley:

I’m not that familiar with end game gear but based on the skills you are using my guess is that you are converting some damage types (vitality/chaos) to fire or maybe fire and lightning. Am I close?

Combat casters? Like this? :smiley:

Hmm… you’re not close enough :stuck_out_tongue:

You can check it here for the answer :