Combat Video!>1!! 4 Realz this time!

That options page seems too cluttered and difficult to read with so many sliders. It would really be helpful if there was a slider to adjust how many sliders were displayed on each options page and maybe a slider to adjust the spacing between them!

Wow, you nailed it!

I guess you should create a section in the forums for “slider-talk”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I demand each slider to be of a different color…And one of them to even be transparent! :mad:

Otherwise I have just looked at the video (once more) and just realized something: I might be wrong, but I was under the impression that the sound of basic attack (or “basic club bashing” ^^) was always the same. Could become a little repetitive after a while, are you guys planing on adding more different sounds?

Dear Crate Thx 4 your insane hard work!

The first pre-alpha video is cool. I have some friendly :slight_smile: notices about it.

-Heeya Medierra You did a great fire/flame fx. I like your new fire hope these kind of effects on weapons too! You heard my call about bright burn things some month ago. You ‘ve done a great work around generation next fire. EXTRA HOT feelin’ as air moves around it.

-I hope orange glow aura will be corrected(fae too big…).
-test gibz -> real zombie gibz :slight_smile:
-Last slayed 30-50 corpsez should stay on floor…or time boost for 10 minutes. (scaleable gameplay option for persisting corpses everybody pick his/her favourite amount/pc config capacity amount)
(Best solution is TQ forever stay pile of cadavers -i’m big fan of TQ solution in 2006)That did’nt cause lagz I hope it will NOT in 2011 yet!!!
“persisting corpses in blood pools and trails” are need. I like the feelin’ of destruction :slight_smile: it a must have.

-Destructible environment very satisfyin’.

All in all super work guyZ. Indie power !

Keep up the great work !!!

P.S.: The muzax iZ über Brutal. You got it.

We celebrate a real diablo killer :)))))) When a mouse kill a mammuth :slight_smile:


There needs to be a “Slider” monster that when (chance on) hit, changes it’s attacks and immunities randomly! This would be epic!

IMO, it should be named turtle mobs… “Rafael”, “Dontello”, “Lenardo” and Mickleangelo". (names spelled incorrectly on purpose to avoid copyright and forthelulz)

Plllleeeaassseeeee??? /patheticsadface

Nice looking combat footage. Nice to see the game really starting to take shape.

:O~ whips lip. . can i bash them in the head next?!?.. o.0 is it me or dering the clip does it look like you warp a few jumps a head, I better go re-watch that. kinda made my eye twitch?

It’s really pleasant to watch !

But can you tell me if some characters gonna have more attack speed ?

Physics on the doors and items looks fantastic for an Hack’n’Slash !

Can’t wait for it…

They can always add attack and run speed, or so I’d imagine. Characters usually start out slow, but by endgame they were running faster than Usain Bolt (in TQ anyway).

Yes I know, but i’m talking about characters where the gameplay is especially focused on attack speed, like thieves or rangers.

I do have an assassiny type class in the works that plays a lot faster than the soldier but is, as you’d expect, much more fragile

I wonder if the speedrun he takes at 0:08 would look better if he slides rather than speedruns, as the increased runspeed does look a bit silly. Set one foot forward, brace himself and than slide-launch himself at the target…

I sent a tip to one of the bigger game-blogs in sweden who posted a short comment about this.

This, totally.

Also would need LOS to the target, would look pretty strange if he would be sliding around the edge to the target.

But hell, sliding movement would have way much more feeling of momentum in it.

I say go with the asus approach…but in this case, dockable slider controls.

This way, you can customize the options screen to fit what you think is important.

Small example…



@14 seconds. That would be kinda cool. Or even something like Johnny Cage’s Shadowkick…

I am a really strong proponent of the “Less is more” approach when it comes to the UI. The less I see on the screen that isn’t my character being awesome the better.

My favorite mod for Oblivion and Fallout New Vegas was a mod that would hide all of the UI elements and only display them when they were needed. So health is hidden until you take damage. Cross-hairs are only shown when you draw a weapon etc.

I would rather no UI at all than too much useless junk on screen.

I have a huge monitor because I want to enjoy the visuals of the game, not to take up yet more screen real estate with junk I don’t need 90% of the time.

Can we perhaps get a toggle for the UI sliders so we can slide while we slide? I really do feel we are neglecting toggles to focus on Grim Slider.

Just a quick question : will any kind of 2h weapon be avaiable?

You can find the answer by using the search feature. This one’s on the house though;

Great video!!! Looks familiar to “Defense” skills. Can’t wait for this to come out.

Okay, I just came out from the cave…what is ‘2h weapon’?