Comics About Grim Dawn Lore

Looking the great lore on this game. It would be nice to read some comic books about it. Someone else think that it would be a nice idea??

Grim Dawn needs it.
Path of Exile has it inbuilt into the game story, which is pretty impressive when you compare it to what you already know with Blizzard’s effort in Diablo 3; there’s not much between them other than glorified cinematics that only people with 120ft Yachts could possible consider business viable.

Grim Dawn needs a “not the game” progress visualisation.
It’s the difference between what Path of Exile feels like when you do the story campaign and what I feel like when I do a quest campaign in Grim Dawn and little else.

Good job Grim Dawn gets everything else completely and 100% right for the game it was intended to be to the audience that wanted it that way.

Im absolutely indeed with you in this. Path of exile have a much worse lore campaign than Grim Dawn, at it has a comic. The same with D3, and it has a cinematics and books. This game will need some comic, or another new cinematic trailer, in the future. The beauty history of his great campaing deserve it!!

Hey there people. Im still wishing and wondering thinking on the remote idea about, if one day, Crate will decide for sale comic books about Grim Dawn lore!! What´s your thinks about, grim dawn comunity??

What if we create it themselves?