Coming from titan quest. Which class?

Finally decided to try grim dawn. When I played titan quest, I was a huge fan of the conqueror with all its passive skills. Is there class in grim dawn that would be similar? Looking through some builds, it seemed like warder had potential to be what I’m looking for.

Yea, warder sounds like your thing. No shield attack passives though, sadly.

Thanks. Never used a 2h build in titan quest so this should be fun.

There were no 2h in TQ, aside from the ranged weapons.

Soldier has some similar skills from both classes of Conqueror in TQ. A snb blademaster would probably be pretty close to what you’re looking for, with snb commando or snb warder also possible.

FYI, I’ve made every combination of soldier and my favorite ended up being an snb dee witchblade, with blademaster also a ton of fun. Though I’m hardcore only, so blademaster does get a bit tricky after a2 ultimate.

There are no “shield WPS” skills in GD (those were used by Defence tree), but there are some active skills, that can use shield as weapon. For balance reasons, probably, shield WPS were removed (they were too powerful, you should agree on that).
Nightblade has a line of dual-wield WPS skills (just like Warfare tree), but he also focuses on piercing and poison (like Shadow tree). Soldier has attunement for using shield and block (just like Defense tree).

Blademaster is the closest to Conqueror, probably. He can be effective with DW, or 1-h+shield, he is pure melee fighter, etc… He is pretty good with 1-h+shield, but not the best. And for DW, he shines only with very strong endgame gear.

Its actually pretty much my favorite quest after the level 4 and level 10 quests–which I guess makes it my 3rd favorite.

Unlike the level 12 quest, its not boring. And I like its bite-sized nature.

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