Commando Build

I’m sort of new to Grim Dawn. I’ve had it for awhile, actually, I have about 50 hours in it; my main character is a commando focused on rifles and two-handed melee. Demolitionist skills, like stun jacks, soften up targets, blackwater cocktail keeps damage going when enemies are packed into groups, and cadence amplifies melee damage. Fire strike is the rifle’s main attack. Forum members seem to think cadence is underpowered, and if so, I’d like to use those points to unlock canister bomb. Can someone explain to me why cadence is underpowered? Any advice on my build? (There are spaces in between the slashes…are there better ways to share GrimCalc links…?)

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Cadence was underpowered around two or three updates ago. Now it’s probably the best LMB skill in my honest opinion, at least for single target damage.

It looks like you are spending points on too many damaging skills. In my opinion, you should always stick to one LMB skill because spending points on two LM skills leaves you with too few skill points for everything else.

-Cadence isn’t weak.

-No one here thinks its weak.
Well actually we do have retard in our midst who argued with half the forum that blademaster is not a good class combo so maybe he thinks Cadence is weak.

-Cadence is pretty strong.

-Your damage is too spread out - you can’t use Canister Bomb, Stun Jacks, Cadence and Fire Strike on the same build

Follow Fluff’s guide -

This is also a good guide for a Fire Strike based hybrid ranged/melee Commando:

You can change some of the skills / devotions around if you want to use a 2H melee instead of sword & board, but this is a good starting point.

Thanks for the tips. Should I take points out of fire strike if I generally prefer cadence?

I should clarify. I played the game sporadically and missed a lot of updates. My highest character is a level 32 commando.

Yes, you only want one default attack replacer.