Commando Canister bomb build

How does Commando Canister bomb build do endgame? Just leveled a spellbreaker to 100 after the nerf and I was disappointed. I’ve felt like I’ve wasted hours on leveling and wasting crafting mats. Guess back to leveling up another character. Good idea to level a retaliation build? Thoughts?

Commando canister would do fine campaign I guess, but really there’s no point. Go purifier or shieldbreaker and call it a day. All soldier gives you is some health, armor/res, and oa. The much faster kill speed provided from resist reduction of inquis/oathkeeper giving you more safety than and less incoming damage then some lousy armor, stun res, and a small bit of extra health from soldier :stuck_out_tongue:

Go purifier if you wanna be safe, seal/censure combo is amazing and stormbox for constant bat/twin fang procs and you can get a lot of pierce->fire conversion on easy to get MIs! Canister + bwc/kalastor/mortar (pick one!) is very good even with crap items too. I don’t suggest retaliation build, I think they are super slow/boring till you get the items.

Don’t know what spellbreaker you’re playing, but shadow strike or pblades breaker should be very strong!

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A bit off-topic, but what spellbreaker nerfs are we talking about here?

on-topic: basically what TomoDak wrote. But what damage type are you aiming towards? Oathkeeper do not have lightning res reduction

Commando Canister bomb is very strong endgame and much fun to play. Here is a link to a good canister bomb commando build on this forum:

This is a grimtools link to my own canister bomb (and grenado) commando.

The commandos are tough as nails with big area of effect damage. I’d advise against using purifier because you don’t have enough skill points to make use of inquisitor skills (soldier is cheaper) and there are too many buttons to press.