[] Ulzuin Canister Commando [C170/SR75+]

Thanks the Dev for making Ulzuin set works this time! I cleared Crucible 150-170 without any buff within 12-13 mins and also cleared SR75 without shrine.


>> GRIMTOOLS (2 Greens) [C170, SR81 CLEARED] >>>
>> GRIMTOOLS (1 Green) [C170, SR80 CLEARED] >>>

Farming Crucible 150-170 with 2-4 buffs in less than 12 mins are easy but if you want to do a proper time attack, you have to adjust the build to be more offensive and less defensive and use defensive buffs just enough to be able to survive in order to improve kill speed.

Damage - Fire, Burn
Active Skills - Canister Bomb, Blackwater Cocktail, War Cry, Flash Bang, Termite Mines
Toggles - Vindictive Flames, Field Command, Flame Touched, Whirling Blades

The green hands could be replaced by any gloves with decent resistance and swap around armor augment pieces accordingly - or Justice hands if you prefer purple. The damage and stats differences are insignificant. However you will have less overcapped resistance to tackle games’ hardest content.


  • This build gives you all 4 types of RRs (Eldricht Fire, Viper, BWC, Termite mines) without relying on any proc. Total Effective RR ~= -90%

At the start of the fight, use Flash Bang and Termite Mines to soften the enemy then throw BWC, Canister Bomb and pray for 40% cooldown reset proc. If you are lucky enough to throw 3-4 Canister Bombs at the same time, then everything shall be obliterated. Otherwise, BWC a few more times or kite the boss to regen HP/Energy.


  • Ulzuin Commando is very tanky with 2H standard. All basic resistance are overcapped along with 26% Physical, 80% Stun, 80% Slow and 56% Freeze. ~920 HP/s regen and if Giant or Tree proc, then HP regen can easily be over 3000 HP/s. Throwing in War Cry (-25% damage) and Flash Bang (27% Fumble), you’re pretty survivable. Trap Resist is only 20% so you need a rift type movement rune to save yourself.

CDR and Buffs

  • The build is heavily rely on CDR. Fighting Spirit, Giant Blood, Healing Rain, Battle Cry, Blast Shield, Prowess are all buffs that require good CDR. War Cry and Canister Bombs are active skills that also require good CDR. With Full Ulzuin set, you get 25-30% CDR, which immensely keep the buff up longer so you can stay alive. You shall be able to crit anything regularly when Fighting Spirit and Prowess become online. However you can still be two-shot if your buff get dispel in the middle of a fight.

Base 2804 OA, 3470 DA - Defensively uncritable from any mobs without debuff.

While Buff Proc in battle you will get 3212 OA, 3529 DA and you can crit anything with +46% Crit Damage.

Profit from SR70-75 runs.

AoM killed without potions, the rest still not yet tried.


Today I managed to clear SR80 with adjusted build. Removed some HP regen and took BWC with soft capped Agonizing Flame as main attack. Adjusted ring components with Mark of Illusions to get more Energy regens and more damage, sacrificing some HP and DA.

New DA = 3423, down from 3470, However BWC’s rank 5 gives -60 OA so real effective new DA is 3483, a little bit better than before.

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Hey man nice build! Do you think this will also work for a purifier?

I tried a Purifier once. It is more offensive oriented because of Aura of Censure but defensively Commando is a lot stronger.

However you must waste 8 more skill points to be able to get Purifier’s AoC (12 skill points) and you don’t really have enough points to take all of Deadly Aim (12 sp), Word of Renewal (33 sp), Inquisitor Seal (25 sp) that’s why I think Commando is better overall.

I believe Elementalist (+Shaman) comes close second. The DA/OA may not rival Commando but HP regeneration is insane and since you don’t really have to go deep in Shaman tree only spending 25 points to get Oak Skin, you can pretty much beef up more Demolitionist skills. Wind Devil extra -35% RR is a bonus.

Elementalist Build -> https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy6dGwN

Thnx for making this. My brother has been looking for a way to make his firestrike commando viable for a long time. It took the new set and your build to do it. Very impressive survival.

Is the titan plating really needed for the reflected damage?
Is energy regen really that bad? Wouldn’t cost reduction options help?
Do you feel Ulo is needed? Or just for stats?

2 greens GT in incorrect.

Thx for this build. i re-spec my old commando to this:D


The build doesn’t need 2 greens. I used only 1 green to clear SR80 and there is a link for it. I currently am trying to make the build better so experimenting here and there.

  • Titan Plating is for Armor, DA and Piercing Resistance. They are the best in slot for high armor build.
  • Energy regen is needed, trade off is minimal (-16 DA) but still get +30% Elemental Damage in return so I can safely go with it. If you mean mark of Illusions. Otherwise Seal of Ancestry and Seal of Annihilation are interchangeable, one for defensive (SR) and the other for fast clear (Crucible). The spec I show is for SR80+
  • Ulo is a good way to cap Stun and provide ample resistance. It is also needed to get Tree of Life.

Cheers. Very detailed answer. I can work with that.

Hey, a quick question not related to the build: how did you do to have those purple beams above your legendary items? :slight_smile:

Check out Grim Internals.
Under “Misc Stuff” -> “Legendary Items SFX”

Grim Internals mod :wink:
I recommend you to use one because it helps you analyze your build a lot by showing detailed incomi g damage and debuffs.

Ok thanks for the info, I will try it out :slight_smile:

I’ve had this level 66 Commando sitting in my character select forever and I had no idea what to do with him. Thanks for this build; I finally have a direction for the guy.

Canister focused build interests me a lot , but Im not sure to choose which one is better ? Commando or Shieldbreaker ? Looking forward to your reply .Ty

any updates or changes after recent patch?

Is it ok if my relic is annihilation instead of korvaak`s deception?