[Commando] Commando!

Hello fellow survivors of Cairn,
after lurking around for about a year whilst stealing so many awesome builds its about time to give something back, so without further ado here it is:

The Commando

A retired elite Black Legion Commando launches a one man war against a group of South Cairnian Aetherials who have kidnapped his mind to manipulate him into starting a genocide and getting an exiled race back into power.

Remember when I said I’m good at photoshop… I lied

1. Introduction

After watching Commando not to long ago I got the inspiration to create this build. Its still in its early steps and I’m not even sure if this will be the final outcome but we’ll see about that at the end of our journey.

The primary goal is/will be to recreate a somewhat realistic approach to some normal (modern) Soldier/Commando while finding a balance between efficiency and realism.

For this we’ll need a rifle (duh) some explosives and of course muscles. Also since we are the commando there is no way around the soldier and demo masteries.

For now I will post the planned final build. I will include a leveling guide with equip and skills later on as I have to (total) recall what I exactly did as I already startet leveling this guy. So far this build is able to clear the normal content easily but most builds can do that so I’m exited for the transition to Elite/Ultimate.

2. Final Build (planned) / Skills


2.1 Demolitionist

Flashbang/Searing Light: Well since grenades are pretty mandatory for any special forces wannabe we have to use those. Mostly used in rooms or other enclosed spaces - but we’re too cool for that, throw them anywhere you like. Used to keep enemies at distance or to confuse so we can take them out before they’re able to retaliate.

Grenado/High Impact: Everybody likes big ass explosions, we love them. Even better at taking out groups of enemies than the ice age killing dinosaurs.

Canister Bomb/Concussive Bomb: In desperate times it won’t matter what you use to kill - so some selfbuilt pipebomb will have to do. Mostly used for stunning our enemies.

Vindictive Flame: Honestly this is the one skill that bothers me most in this build - its not very commandolike to have fire floating around you but we’ll need as much attack speed as possible, otherwise we won’t have an auto rifle.

Flame Touched/Temper: Of course we have superior crafted weapons compared to those filthy terrorists - they have quantity, we have quality. Pretty self explanatory increases our damage while also giving some armor.

Blast Shield: Putting a few layers of Kevlar under our clothing is never a bad idea. Helps us to stay alive, I’m considering to put more points into this but I’ll see about that later.

Honorable Mention:
Mortar Trap: This would be somewhat fitting into our theme but I’m not that comfortable with a invisible ghost operated mortar.

2.2 Soldier

Cadence/Fighting Form/Deadly Momentum: Some of you might argue that Firestrike is the better option here right? WRONG! We are the Commando, not some Fire/Lightning/Chaosfragment shooting Wizard. It will serve as our auto attack.

Olerons Rage: Our Adrenaline Shot. Passive buff to (nearly) everything we need.

Field Command/Squad Tactics: Mostly we’re an one man army but that doesn’t mean we aren’t proficient in leading troops. Buffs our OA/DA but more importantly our damage and attack speed (you know auto rifle…).

Menhirs Will: aka the hero never dies. Saves us when we’re low on hp. Depending on how squishy/tanky I will be on elite/ultimate I’ll put a few points more in this.

Military Conditioning: We’re a trained soldier and we have to survive all those bullets the bad guys are shooting at us.

Veterancy: Just one point. It will eventually be stronger because of +1 from gear but isn’t that important for us anyway.

Decorated Soldier: Arnie was a decorated soldier so we’ll be one to. Also increases our damage and resists.

Scars Of Battle: We’re the hero so when we’re wounded it’ll most likely only be a fleshwound, getting real scars is rather difficult like that. Also just as Veterancy this skill isn’t that great for us anyways.


I always wanted to try a nearly pure offence oriented Devition Setup, not sure if this is really viable in Ultimate but at least I can try. The Grimcalc link has the complete Devotions, for getting there we will:

Start with Assasins Blade (Assasins Mark on Cadence)->
Eel and Spider ->
Kraken ->
Hydra ->
Hawk, unlearn Spider ->
Harvestmans Scyte, unlearn Eel ->
Harpy, Crane and Empty Throne ->
Unknown Soldier (Living Shadow on Grenado or Perforator Round/Skill from Rifle)

The last point left will be put in Revenant for that sweet life steal.

Maybe I will drop the Living Shadow from Unknown Soldier as he isn’t really fitting into our theme but for now he stays.

4. Equip

Our first priority will be to obtain Valduns Set, after all this one is tailored for us.
I didn’t put much thought into Components and Augments for now but it will most likely be defensive ones aside from Consecrated Wrappings into hands and Chains of Oleron into the chest.

Weapon Valdun’s Rifle
Head Valdun’s Hat
Shoulder probably going for something green with defensive stats here or Amarastan Pauldrons
Chest Valdun’s Jacket
Hands Grasp of Unchained Might or Empowered Quickdraw Gloves
Legs Pretty Great Pants or Chausses of Barbados or something green with defensive stats not sure right now
Feet Golemborn Greaves or Windshear Greaves but probably something green
Waist Reforged Chains of Oleron
Rings Belgothian’s Sigil or Signet of the Fallen or Livegiver Signet better would be some Cutthroats Ring of Alacrity or Rifthound (in my dreams they’re from Cronley) but I have none. Signet of the Fallen would be interesting because of the Resist Reduce otherwise I’m considering some defensive Rings or the Judicator Signets
Amulet Valdun’s Bounty
Medal Badge of Mastery or a green with attack speed prefix/suffix like the rings
Relic Olerons Wrath Annihilation Juggernaut I haven’t really decided on a relic for now but those 3 are what I’m aiming for.

Please feel free to post feedback as I am still improving this build. And last but not least the current state:

Reserved for leveling/whatever