Commando or Pyromancer?

I’m planning on trying ultimate with a commando or a Pyromancer. Which has a better chance of surviving there? This will be my first go around at ultimate and also elite, so I probably will be leaning on the build to make up for lack of gear.

Occultist has better defensive skills for undergeared build imo. There are heals, physical resistance, damage absorption and alos many sources of flat damage to boost attacks. Soldier has OA boost, armor, attack speed and monster damage debuff, but only menhir’s will for healing.

I keep seeing the term OA, what the heck is it short for?

Offensive ability, your chance to hit and crit mobs

Offensive Ability (ability to hit / crit)

Ok… so commando vs pyro. It depends on your style of gameplay.
If you are looking for a physical ranged. Commando hands down.
If you are looking for a beast of a tank while doing decent ranged damage while being able to face tank. Commando.
If you are looking to Dual Weild. Pyromancer
If you are wanting to be a spirit or magic damage type. Pyromancer.

The solider is tankier by far but also is built around using sheilds.

I was planning on dual wielding with Firestrike as my main (and probably only attack). Beyond that, I haven’t the foggiest. So it sounds like I want Pyromancer. Maybe I can pick up the pet skills too.

In my opinion pyromancer is better for dual pistols. Ignore the pet skills though. Pets require specific gearing for pet damage while you would need to gear for fire and chaos damage for your fire strike. It would be a little confused.

Why would a pyromancer be better? I’m not challenging you, I’m asking out of ignorance :slight_smile: Would skills of a occultist lend themselves to dual wielding?

Occultist mastery has many flat damage sources. Extra flat damage does more with fast attacks like DW pistols, than with slow heavy ones like rifles.