Community League by MikeFic and Serious Stan starting today!

Apologies for not having the time to rewrite everything here with a proper layout and for not having any fancy posters for this one, but it feels wrong to not have a post on the official forums aswell. So here it is.

Basically the community league starts today, Friday, November 20th at 8 AM PST / 4 PM UTC and ends on December 20th.
Make sure to check out the reddit post as well as Mike’s YT video.
You can find the rules, point system and signup list in this googledoc.

Thank you @MikeFic_YT for organizing this event and @Serious_Stan for doing the awesome mod!


Good luck, mortals!


This is just balls to the wall awesome. Great idea and serious props to the work done to make it happen.


This looks like mighty fun, good luck to all contestants! :slight_smile:

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Not interested to play like that myself but I always like to watch all videos / streams / theorycrafting around new competitions / activities.
Loved the “GI is like an electric wheelchair. If you feel like you need it - play with it”


Congratulations to the points!

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Points? The drop! @RektbyProtoss, you can now play Soulrend Cold Reaper not some cheesy ass sorc.

yeah they get points for dropping purple MI’s, read the rules if you haven’t :slight_smile:

Sorry, I thought it was for completing a dungeon :slight_smile:

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You get points for both actually.

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I am hoping this trend continues for at least one year if not longer. Im currently unable to participate due to a piece of junk obsolete laptop and limited funds. I would love to be a part of this, and more PvP tournaments in the future. These are collectively two of the coolest things ive seen done in the community, organizing these events is such a great way to bring the playerbase together and makes for some really memorable experiences unique to this game and community!

@RektbyProtoss and @MikeFic_YT, thank you guys for doing this stuff!!! Please continue it. While GD is a single player game, many have the concern about the community dissolving once development ends. This kind of stuff could keep the community engaged long after that day arrives.


Does chat at least get the smug face as a emote?
For the pain of watching you get soulrend and alkamos and points?

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