Completion bonus relic not changing

I crafted twice the relic “Iskandra’s Balance” and I got the same bonus Completion.
Is this a bug or must do something special for different bonus? Thank you.

FR !
Hello, j’ai fabriqué deux fois la relique “Iskandra’s Balance” et j’ai reçu les mêmes Completion bonus.
Est ce un bug ou il faut faire quelque chose de spéciale pour avoir des bonus différents ? Merci.

It’s just random chance. You don’t need to do anything special, just try again.

Each completion bonus has 10% chance, so it is unlikely to get twice in a row the same two bonus, but not impossible.

By the way you do not need to write your post both in French and English.

Omg I’m really luckless, 10% chance … fail critical :smiley:

I will try, ty !