(compliment to crate) impressed with environment detail and sound ambiance

havent played this since they released act 3 (ya its been a while) its nice to see how much things have improves and are more balanced

just wana say whoever designed the environments, and the ambient sound, congrats, you did such a good job, the game feels very immersive for this kind of genre, i found myself standing in mud row near the water, under the trees just staring at the grass and flowers, wanting to get down on my hands and knees looking for bugs, and turning over rocks ( like it was real life) your efforts are not going un noticed

i added some pics to give you the area i was talking about

(up until this point i had no idea i liked the kind of “immersive” “nature” “environment” “exploration” type of game, if anyone has recommendations of these types of games let me know please :slight_smile: )


Yep, GD has some pretty damn good sound design, which is actually pretty important part of a good game.

As for “similar” games in that respect, I would say The Elder Scrolls 3-5 got you covered on that front. Another one is a bit, uh, unusual and doesn’t have much for visuals, but a good game as well nevertheless - UnReal World.

thanks il look into those :slight_smile:

I had this, when I played Valheim this spring. And when I took a break and went out for a walk, I was much more aware of the nature around me.

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expect the environments to get much more bleaker though as you progress through the game. especially in ashes of malmouth…

gotta say though, crate does great job portraying the bleak grimness of cairn under various supernatural disasters threatening it. though there are some areas that still retains it natural pure beauty despite the grim state of cairn. places like the snowy areas in vanilla campaign. ugdenbog is a very nasty swamp, but there are some groves and riverside places in it that is quite tranquil. the oasis in korvan basin (so pristine…) and (imo) the basalt crags (the howling chasm particularly with its mysterious whale creature sound). and finally the astral field… seeing the stars underneath the mirror like floor, with strange floras around you and mysteriously still and foreboding air…

sadly we can’t visit the aetherhold (it’s physically impossible lorewise and perhaps enginewise), i’d really llike to see what places the aetherials can build at their best before their falls.

Yes, indeed. And grimCam (I assume thats what you use) helps alot with it: For example it is only as soon as you zoom in on your character grimCam-close that you see all those amazing ornaments that plaster every square inch of many armor.
Oof and don´t forget to turn your view whenever there´s water around. Amazing sun reflections you don´t see in default view direction, since the sun is kinda behind you.

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I want to find the frogs and fish in the swamp! (lol)

(and yes to all the people that messaged me on here and in private messages, i am checking out all of your recommendations ( just not sure how to use these new forums/reply/post yet))


If you have Forgotten Gods dlc, visit Basalt Crags or Eldritch Realm too. Ones of my favourite locations in game.

this is what it feels like, to walk through grim dawn (watch until end) (obvious exaggeration, but similar, lol)

I kinda love it when people also show the passion of enjoying little details and stuff. That’s like me when D2R was released and switch back and forth between graphic-modes.

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I genuinely wish I could give blizzard/Activision my money for D2R, but I just can’t bring myself to support what the company is today.

I much rather donate x2 the cost of D2R to the medianXL team

I get what you are saying, and i was on the Edge as well. Still not sure if i’m that happy after seeing everything what happened in the past few years… all the scandals etc… how they react to it(so instead tackle IRL issue rather censor all Games), i’m also still not fond of the Re-Designs of the Characters in D2R - they simply looking bad… esp. the female ones(also censorship in certain areas like the harem one) plus not to mention that Online-Servers are screwed for 21 Year old Game AND you not even have a real proper offline-mode - it’s only a 30 day token (which recently did become a issue because i was visiting my sister with my switch and hadn’t a internet connection there and due i forgot to “redownload” it, i couldn’t boot the game <.<) PC also had this AVX issue, where in beta everyone could play, at release they screwed with a portion of their playerbase because avx become a mandatory- again that’s why i get you, and if certain stuff i would’ve known beforehand i might not have bought D2R at all(i’m gonna even be honest with, like GD i not only own a single copy - but i leave it at that).

That being said - even so i’m still somewhat happy about D2R because for me it’s still a amazing game, even these days, even with some QoL Stuff missing… stuff like Gamepad-Support and proper Hotbar (i’ve heard pc will get them as well with M&K), and besides the terribad character-designs and censorship, they absolutely nailed the aesthetics. Esp. how much love they given in level of detail. Like at the first area you have this mapgeneration, you know the stone-fences which limits the area? They have in the classic graphics not much detail - neither in texture (obviously) also in enviromental design. In case of D2R there are spots where you have like some barrels with weapons and stuff on it. Or Houses, how mcuh more details houses have. And it still have the OG atmosphere… so freaking great.

But i’m also be honest with you, as much as love diablo 2, i never liked medianXL at all. People tried to convince me over and over(same goes for PoE) due they know how hard of a fan i’m - but i really dislike the changes about it. Like one major issue for me back than when i played it as a Druid Main, that you need to hold down for the hurrican skill… that kinda ruins the purpose of the druids spellcasting concept of being more of an passive caster.