Component crafting: what is going on?

So, I started hardcore from scratch because endgame started to suck for me with the constant nerfs to everything, no blueprints, no inventory… So I get to level 24, have 2/4 of Sanctified Bone dropped from somewhere, go to Angrim and… I can’t craft partial components anymore? I’ve been sporting that 2/4 Bone on my chest till lvl 45 because I just couldn’t drop the forth Corpse Dust to make a whole new one. Is there’s a switch somewhere I’m not seeing?

If not then I’m not sure how this can be called a “QoL improvement” if it forces beginners to spend hours farming for extra mats because they can’t use partial components from drops anymore…

hahahaha welcome to LEGIT crafting mate :wink: in patch blacksmiths no longer crafts partial components

What is the point of complaining? you either craft a complete Sanctified bone or you wait until you have dropped 2 partial components. But yes, partial components should be removed all together from the game IMO

Good call on the restart, I did the same 3 weeks ago but in softcore, goal is to get 4 end game chars until next major patch (1.1.5) and then restart again :slight_smile:

So many restarts :smile: When the game is finished, maybe will do it too.

Yeah me too, at this point I am trying to see Grim Dawn major patches as seasons restarts actually.

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I don’t know, i actually liked the change, and while i might be wrong with that, overall i’d argue it’s also an welcoming change for newcomers. Even if it means a bit more “grinding” towards materials, i’d argue most people prefer to put into a full component anyway(which means you need to grind for this mats anyway), and even more for crafting which can be with partial-component pretty time-consuming and wonky experience. How often i had to check up how many full components i need for an certain item and than to check up how many partial i need for - and than also to check how many materials i need for the said partial component was rather insane. And that leads also to the next problem, i quite saw some newcomers (friends / twitch) which struggled with crafting at first due they didn’t understand that you need full components for crafting and they crafted partials, and one of my friends even argued that this might a bug which should be fixed (asap) until i understood his problem and explain to him he need a full component for it.

I’d argue the positives about this changes simply outweight the negatives… so it’s basically a QoL. (though - and as far as i heard Zantai already adressed it (?) - they need to get rid of the partial components questrewards for components which you can only craft otherwise…)

Beg to differ. You didn’t have to check anything. You dump all your component to one tab of the shared stash and everythingis automatic. The only thing that changed is that now you click LMB once instead of four times. And spend 10-15 extra minutes farming 3 Chthonic Seals when all you would have needed before was one.

Anyway, for QoL all it could take is a simple switch. Turn on, craft full and save yourself 3 mouse clicks, turn off and save yourself minutes and hours or farming.

You could not make partial components in GD stash either AFAIK :wink:

I see it like this, keep partial components everywhere or not. There should be no middle ground as we have now.

What about partial searing ember, have you felt the need of crafting partial components for them too? :stuck_out_tongue: xD

Yeah, i also feel this way. Let all components drop as completed, and reduce droprates accordingly. No more hassle with tons of partial components littering your inventory.

^I don’t like partials either but this isn’t as simple as that.
By lowering the drop rates accordingly you’re much more prone to getting a streak where nothing drops and that’s not fun either and can lead to “is this bugged?? haven’t seen any of these drop for hours!” threads.

And if you upped the drop rates then the game would become easier again.
All in all I think the full components change is good and AFAIK they did it for the quest rewards too, so you no longer get the crappy partial components that don’t naturally drop and just clutter your inventory.

Some issues like the OP ran into are an unfortunate side-effect of it but relatively minor in the long run.

Most really rare & valuable components can be crafted anyways, you dont have to farm them. What you have to farm is “crafting resource” components in large numbers, to craft rare ones.

But the clutter remains. Nothing really changed. Except the number of clicks you gotta press the button. I’m below lvl 55 on my first char and half the tab is already filled with components, partial or not. Actually, there’s even more clutter because partial components can never be used until they naturally completed by drops. So they gotta wait there and clutter your inventory.

I’m not a fan of clutter too.
How about adding 2~4 special bags only for components on the red column section.
All of them will go there of themselves, check them once in a while when you need.

You can insert partial components in items you know

Yeah Crate, you are horrible… instead of letting me spent 10 up to 15 extra minutes in the crafting menu, for all this partial-components nonsense, you force me to actually play the Game to farm the Materials and maybe if i’m lucky that i might even get good loot. Bad Zantai!

It’s seems like the language barrier hit again and you didn’t understand what i actually meant, or you can’t handle that someone disagree with you and playing dumb.

Example: Crafting a highend Relic, the first you need to check the other Relics and Materials / Components… -> when you check (within the Crafting tab, not stash or other nonsense you misunderstood) the Material, you see it needs other Materials & Components… than you craft said components but beware i craft one to much - because there are some comps which need three, other ones which needs four… than the next component - damn i need the cthon blood which i actually waste on the extre component before -> than i need to go farm for mats anyway but before that i’d rather take a look at everything what i actually need, so i can make proper routes for farming - spending next 10 minutes to sum everything up - but unlike full components you need to do math for the exact amount Mats you need -> than you go farming, but when you are back and you crafted that higher tier component and check up the rest of the relics, you see oh boy you need much more anyway -> and so on. Out of your 3 extra clicks it can easily become more than 30 clicks for crafting one item like highend relics.

So my point was(and still is) that with full components-crafting only they made it way more accessable, than if you craft only parts of components, which can confuse newcomers and let people spent more time in an crafting tab than actually playing the game itself. And farming itself isn’t “really” reduced with partials, because 3 partials costs the same as one full component. And yes i understood your point about “BUT if you have already partials”, but than again if you think about it, you don’t have that much of them anyway because unlike the full partials you can’t stack them. It would be differently if we would hoard 2/3 partials or 2/4 partials on masses, (though than you wouldn’t need to craft them) so you miss only out “one” potential complete with partials anyway…

Though i’ve to agree with @BOG and @malawiglenn… at this point it might sense for crate to consider of getting rid of partials and only offer complete ones(but re-adjust droprates)…
Also i’ve to add, i wouldn’t care if they re-add partial components crafting as an optional Feature. As long as it toggable and i don’t need to use it or rathter it’s not both at the same time so it bloats up the whole crafting menu with the extra entrys…i’m okay with it.

True and you can sill complete them if they are already on an item.

Crafting mythical relics I do not do in game anymore, I have to make a freaking shopping list that is much longer than what I shop on weekly basis from my local grocery store. Then I have to click 437 times to craft all sub-components.

Nah, I just make the Mythical relic in GD stash and then I lower my chars Iron Bits with ~1M less and remove like 10 or so each from Ancient hearts, tainted brain matter, ugdenbog, etc.

I agree, it’s an issue too.
I think, some sort of “concurrent crafting” should be added: a feature, that allows to automatically craft all missing components, relics and other things, required for given item, if those are missing, but you have maths. With it, mythical relic crafting would be performed with 1 click, if you have all required maths.

yup, some kind of tree algorithm would be very much appreciated. And if I do not have all the subcomponents there will be an error message like “missing 2 Ancients hearts & 1 Blood of Chthon”

I think Grim Dawn Item Assistant has a relic “mat list”, or perhaps it was another tool… where you get the complete “shopping list” for any relic.


Your whole argument boils down to “but it’s easier to count to 4 than to 16,” and with that I can’t argue… but I may give you an advice! Try “1, 2, 3, 4” four times instead!

Anyway, if Crate doesn’t want people to spend too much time in the crafting menu there are already a few pretty good QoL ideas in this thread with auto-crafting at the top of the list. This particular change is pretty much irrelevant for anyone above 5 years of age unless they suffer from RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) on their mouse fingers. You still gotta press the exact same buttons but you don’t have to count to 3 or 4 as you do that. And beginners had to pay for it by not being able to use partial component drops in crafting. When leveling your first char it does make a difference.

Not updated for FG, sadly.

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