Component Fire Build

I took a quick look at previous posts but couldn’t find this build anywhere, apologies if it’s been done before. I found this build the most fun I’ve had in GD, the easiest to gear and one of the quickest at clearing so if you have a spare couple of hours give it a go. You literally need zero specialist gear but you do need access to components and that means this won’t be your first char.

This is a fire build that only has attack skills granted from components and devotions. So the basic idea is to use Greater Fireblast (from Flintcore Bolts) and Demon’s Breath (from Devil Touched Ammo) as your main attack skills through out the game. Not just quick levelling to 40-50 as I’ve seen a couple of guides recommend. FB can be added to any lvl 15 pistol or off-hand and DTA can be added at lvl 20. How you get up to lvl 15 is your own business but there’s always Searing Ember for a bog standard Fireblast to learn the gameplay style.

The only other requirement for this build is that one of your char choices has to be Arcanist. I’ve tried this out on a Mage and a Sorcerer and both work fine. The required skill is Olexra’s Flash Freeze, not so much for the freeze although that’s always good, but for the debuff to Fire Resistance. Even fire monsters die quickly if you hit them with 100%+ fire resist debuff which a maxed out OFF will give you. Reckless Power is an obvious addition to a fire arcanist as well.

Gameplay is essentially cast OFF, then fire off as many Fireblasts as possible. The DB attack should be used as quickly as it comes off cooldown. That alone probably would kill a lot of monsters but add in the devotions and this is where this build really makes life fun.

Attach Elemental Storm (Rhowan’s Crown) to your GF. Attach Meteor Shower (Ulzuin’s Torch) to your DB. Attach Fissure (Magi) to OFF. Elemental Storm will make Veteran/Elite relatively simple but the build really comes into its own when you can attach Meteor Shower to DB (around devotion point 37). You get a guaranteed (100% spawn) Shower every time you cast DB and OFF has a 49% chance of spawning a fissure, 49% on a screen full of monsters is pretty much a guaranteed fissure. That means that fire resist debuffed enemies (that are likely frozen) have a volcano in their midst with firey meteors falling on their head as I shoot as many GFs as possible at them. They generally die long before the Elemental Storms can do much damage.

For gearing, it’s generally a matter of getting as much fire damage or + skills as possible while maintaining your resists, resists generally take priority in Elite onwards. You won’t be using your weapon(s) so you’re generally looking for casting speed and fire damage. Casting Speed is important and you want to maintain 200%. Mental Alacrity helps with this early(ish) game and you can respect those points as you exceed 200%. An otherwise crap pistol with 17-20% casting speed is brilliant early game. Similarly an off-hand with good casting speed is a must. Try to get 10%+ lifesteal either on your gear or in devotions, it’s not essential but if you’re spamming GF with 10% lifesteal you can generally avoid the need for kiting which makes this build FAST…

For other skills it’s your general Arcanist layout: Maiven’s, Mirror, Iskandra’s, Inner Focus, Nullification. You could always add in Devastation to the mix but I was limiting myself to component/devotion skills so didn’t take it. If you’re playing as a sorc then the Demolitionist auras are useful and I went as far as Blast Shield. I’m not sure the journey to Blast Shield is worth it and it might be better just maxing the auras. Health will be a problem for a sorc if you only go as far as the auras so you may have to change around some of the devotions if you do that. If you go the mage route then it’s all about getting health and defensive skills from Soldier.

Devotions are tricky and the best way to play is to actually do a lot of re-speccing in order to end up with: Empty Throne, Rhowan’s Crown, Raven, Spider, Ghoul, Magi, Ulzuin’s Torch, Sailor’s Guide (or Eel) and 3-4 points in Behemoth for Giant’s Blood. I had Magi early in the game but respecced out to get Meteor Shower earlier. I later returned to Magi. Also you have a ranged weapon and off-hand so Hydra and Oklaine’s Lantern may prove useful while levelling but very limited in late game. I took Ghoul almost entirely for the node that gives 4-5% lifesteal but it proved worthwhile although there may be better defensive options.

Apart from that there’s not a lot to say. This build really is all about the component and devotion skills, gear is very much secondary. I’m amazed how much of a fire debuff OFF grants. This build was a lot of fun in both forms and now I’m off to see about gearing them properly rather than playing SF. Any gearing suggestions welcome!

-Greater Fireblast skill is weak for end-game
-OFF is a bad skill for resistance debuff, thermite mines or curse of frailty do a better job (since OFF relies on freezing enemies and those immune to freeze don’t get debuffed)
-You’d need a heavy nuker like Grenado for single target damage
-Magi’s not very good, you need Ulzuin for Flashbnag+meteor since your main skill is from a component


-Use GrimCalc (google it)

I have both Ulzuin’s and Magi. Meteor is attached to Demon’s Breath.

No point in using Grimcalc cause the main point was that Arcanist plus any other char choice works with this build.

Actually you need some class with resistance reduction and a heavy nuker. So more like Demolitionist plus any other class can handle it

Didn’t notice Ulzuin, it was a wall of text so i probably missed it

As for GrimCalc, it always helps

Magi is practically useless here

Greater fireblast isn’t that weak end game, especially not with thermite mines resist reduction and meteor shower. You end up with like 11k DPS on it and it costs nothing to use. Can kill most nemesis in like 30 seconds on my sorcerer (tho I also use high potency)

The skill alone lacks single target damage. Of course a build itself is viable (never said it wasn’t). Just pointed out the skill is weak
I also recommended him Demolitionist cause of Mines cause he seems to think OFF fire debuff is a good idea (doesn’t work on Quest Bosses like Log or Lucius even with Night’s Chill)
Btw, High Potency reminds me. You shouldn’t ignore Burn damage OP. Cause a big portion of the skill’s damage comes from Burn

it has better single target damage then BWC and again costs nothing to use.

Yeah and it’s also significantly weaker than BWC since BWC has way more benefits than Greater Fireblast

I am not saying the build is not viable, heck i actually like Greater Fireblast. But it’s inferior to Class based skills. It’s definitely can be made strong enough to kill Nemeses but the skill alone wouldn’t accomplish that and would require other things to add to single target damage.

you just described every other skill in the game. Every build requires other things to work in Ultimate also :slight_smile:

I re-worked my sorcerer to get rid of High Potency/agonizing flames (used GD Defiler to take the points off mastery bar). Has a little less DA then I would like but definitely not that bad. (91% Crit Damage) As soon as I level up Elemental Storm I will get some videos (was using Agonizing flames before) Could also use Aldnar’s Vanity for better uptime on mirror, but my 2 characters who had it died and took it to the grave. I never use Nullification but it can also be used for those who like it. Hell you can also use a shield if you want as you don’t need the energy regen at all from offhand.

Only reason I am arguing with you is because you said it was weak end game in your first post. Now is it the strongest build no, but it definitely isn’t weak. Especially considering it takes no skill points and costs nothing to use.

Ah, well you and I have different definitions of the word then. My first build was a DEE WH so you can blame that for my standards :undecided:

All hail Dreeg though :smiley:

Btw, good build (as expected)

Remember that Elemental Storm gives a 30% elemental debuff. Not sure if it stacks but multiple storms are generally up at any given time so even when OFF isn’t working there’s a debuff in place.