Component Menu

It would be really nice to be able to “shift-click” an item and a menu pops up with an components in your possession that will fit. Right now, i hover back and forth on an item trying to spot components in my bank that will highlight… and then i hover those items scattered in a full bank page of components. It’s cumbersome.

There’s so many enchants, which is amazing. But making an informed decision in-game with what’s presented, causes me to mostly skip enchanting my items until end game and use of a website.

Not saying that some kind of menu wouldn’t be neat, but shouldn’t it become easier to make informed decisions, the more you use components? :wink:

You’re probably right… but i’m not sure i would be able to gauge the effectiveness even in use. So it’s simply a mental peace knowing you chose correctly. Then my mind goes in to OCD mode. I constantly hover back and forth on the components weighing the pro and cons. They aren’t grouped by type/fit, making the whole process mentally exhausting for OCD.

What i should do is just use them and not care about maximum benefit. It’s better to use any of them instead of having stacks of 80 sitting in the bank.

not saying that your input isnt neat, but is it really a matter to discuss
that the interface of grim dawn, in everything not combat related, should
be more accessible to everyone who isnt able to play thousands of hours?

Its quite obvious if you got the time available to notice all these small
Icons and got used to their effects you wont get any problems.
But lets face it, the amount of people who play video games
who got less and less time to spend in videogames is growing constantly.
Games today needs to address that and Grim dawn quite frankly got a lot of work to do.
Don’t think it will ever happen. But still this one suggested right here would be a nice start.