Components and ease of

So i recently read the developer manifesto about games being easy and fast to play, without unnecessary distractions that cost time but don’t add value to the time spent in game.

For me, one of those time killers are components:

  1. Having to pick them up manually is a waste of time. It’s just unnecessary clicks, for something thats always going to be picked up.
    Suggestion: the option to enable auto pickup for components.
  2. Same goes for completing them. Having to click on complete once in a while is not that time consuming, but tedious and unnecessary. And to be honest: how often does anyone use partial components in multiple items and stretches them thin?
    Suggestion: The option to have components completed automatically.
  3. Inventory management is the worst part for me. Not only do they take up space in the personal inventory, but for most of us a tab in the shared stash as well. And thats only if there are no partial components in there, then they take up more than one tab.
    And of course, when you are looking for a specific component, you have to sort through a tab a samey looking mini icons - yay :eek:
    Suggestion: have a component bag, where components are stored. Not grid based, but as a list for a better overview. Ideally with a small icon for the types of items it can be used in. And a shared bag for all your chars, to which you can move components or take them from. That way, self found would still be supported. At the smith, a small icon while crafting or a different background colour could indicate in which bag a needed component is in.
  1. I agree about enabling auto-pickup for components.
  2. Completing them is easy and kinda adds a little feel of satisfaction or, some would say, completion to your grinding endevaours. (for me)
  3. Partly agree here. It helps keeping all components in a shared stash so that all of your toons have access to it. It is annoying to hand-pick those little bastards from your 5 inventory bags and carry them to your main inventory or to your stash. So a seperate component bag with some kind of grid/structure would indeed be nice.

It’s only half a solution, if that, but these two steps alleviated my frustration with component management quite a bit:
Shift+LMB to send them into the shared stash … and setting a key for the “pick up item” function. That way I don’t have to click on the item anymore, just stand in it’s general area and my character will pick it up with an easy click of, in my case, ALT.

A component bag is something I was pushing for ages ago, but due to time restraints Crate extended the normal stash by 4 times its size at the time.

Also since various changes to the game and components, a component bag is not an easy quick job and as with everything there’s only so much that one small team can do and still complete a game this decade :wink:

maybe we will see a mini expansion for a bottomless stash ans a component bag? That would be the first dlc i buy :wink: