Compost collector

I got some problems with compost collector. The way i see it mine are highly inefficient. They got 99% time travel to work. How to fix it?

It’s because the compost collector is almost exclusively traveling between houses and the yard. Mine shows 89% transferring goods, 10% providing for basic needs. The only fix would be for them to re-code the travel time as “Work.”

Nothing you need to do.

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He’s actually working, it’s just how his work is done compared to others. A miner or other industry the “work” is different than transport time. But for the compost collecter, his transport time is work time.

The problem with him is his AI is that he’ll run all over the place. So I’ve found the best method is to place the compost yards just barely out of influence range of the homes. I build homes in a large square and then repeat that square configuration to one side. I add additional compost yards down the side of that long housing district.


Thank you guys for answers :slight_smile:

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