Conduit Amulet Pet Prefixes - Some pet bonuses maybe?

It very well could be that I just need to go back to toon building school, but I’ve tried out the conduits for the Shaman / lightning briar prefix, Necromancer / fire skelly prefix, and occultist / aether familiar prefix… all do “ok” but just ok at best, in my experience. They seem to under perform all in all. The amulet is a pretty valuable spot and has no pet bonuses. Would it be possible to get some added pet love attached to those prefixes specific to the pets?

Thanks for the consideration.



Doesn’t have to be anything like %total damage mods or anything (looks at Zaria’s amulet), but some thing or the other to provide a bit of extra bonuses would be nice.


Couldn’t agree more. This is the ONLY reason I have never put much thought into using ANY of the conduits for pets… I refuse to loose those precious pet bonuses on such an important item slot~


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